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OCC Awards 09 Winners


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The Voting is done and the winners have been chosen.


Congratulations guys! (If I spelled any of your names wrong let me know and I'll change them.)



Video/Monitor Help - ccokeman


Cpu/Motherboard Help - Verran


Modding/Case Help - The Smith


Software Help/Programming Help - Verran


Overclocking Help - Roadrunner

General Help - Verran


Coolest Member - Verran


Coolest Staff - Verran


Geekiest Geek - injijagwalaafq


Most Bannable Member/Staff - Ballist1x


Best Rookie Member - SenitaL


Most Committed/Dedicated OCC Member/Staf - Bosco


Best Spammer - Ballist1x


Most Annoying Member/Staff - ballist1x


Funniest Member/Staff - andrewr05


Worst User of English Language - A Tie Ballist1x and N.E.A.


Best Photoshopper/Graphics Designer - Jammin


Most Improved - IVIYTH0S

Best/Most Forum Pwned - Ballist1x


Best Political Debater - LoArmistead


Best Gamer - A Tie KrazyxAzn and andrewr05


Worst Gamer - ballist1x

Most Extreme Overclock - Road-Runner


Most Extreme Cooling - The Smith


Best Case Mod - Fueler


Most Ghetto Mod - Andrewr05


Best Avatar - Andrewr05

Best Sig - Andrew05


Best User Title - Phil


Best Username - Kingdingaling

Coolest Rig - Bosco


Best All Around Member - Verran

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I will forfeit my win under "coolest member" to Verran as I think he deserves the whole thing.








As for the others.




Why don't you guys marry me or something... :P







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