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New HDD for new PC. Opinions?

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Well guys, been a long time since I've been around on OCC. Been strapped for cash the past few years (college) and haven't had the money to keep up in the computer world as much as I like!


Luckily, Monday afternoon my new parts arrive!

For reference later, my components:


i5 750


Asus HD5850

2x2GB OCZ 1600


Now, my issue is a rather simple one. I have hard drives that I will be reusing from my last PC. I have TWO WD 160GB, ONE 500GB Hitachi, ONE WD 1TB - All 7200RPM drives. I also have a 2TB Western Digital Green, and ONE 500GB USB Seagate Freeagent, ONE 320GB Freeagent Go USB.


The problem lies in the fact that I was planning on making one of the 160GB drives into my system drive. I toyed with the idea of putting them into RAID before deciding to actually benchmark the two of them to see how they performed separately.... Turns out, neither of them break 55MB/s with access times of nearly 16ms each while even my WD Green manages faster speeds.


Seeing as I would prefer not to have my new build brought down by hard drive throughput and access times, I am in the market for a new hard drive. Seeing as I have plenty of space for my needs, I am more looking for a drive that will perform well. Obviously a SSD would be nice but I just can't afford it at the moment.


So, I ask a few questions:

1) Is buying a new drive (feasibly with less platters) worth the extra cost? If I have all my applications/programs/swap file moved to other drives will I actually see much of a performance loss using the older drives as OS drives?

2) Would RAIDing these two older 160GBs give any tangible speed increase? Is it worth it to bother or would simply buying a new drive be wiser?

3) Anyone with gobs of money want to send a poor college student a speedy SSD? ;)



I appreciate the help in trying to figure out the best move! And, if any other information is required, feel free to ask!


Thanks much!

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If it was me I would do one of two things;


Buy a new WD single platter drive for the OS, and use the other large capacity drives for data

Save for an SSD


I really think using the two old 160's in a RAID will not be worth it. I tried that myself and I did it for about a month before I switched back. RAID0 is discussed a lot here and I agree with the majority that in real world use, you see little or no benefit, unless you have 2xSSD to RAID0 of course ;)


It's also well documented on Tech sites.

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