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Official post yourself thread

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Today was golf day. Also holy crap I need a haircut, and I need my hair to be black again.



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Me and the wife:



jesus, did she used to work for Shinra EPC? :lol:


I've always disliked and avoided this kind of thread because like reading a book you get an idea of what people look like through their posts, and regardless of whether they are more or less "attractive" or whatever than you imagined it's always a little disappointing to have the illusion shattered.


although this is not the first forum i've stuck with for a while, it seems like i've been here long enough that i actually want to know what people look like and it seems only fair to post my own pic, so when i get around to taking one i'll post it.

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They make a set of filters for Nikon CaptureNX2, and one of the filters that is included is a dynamic skin softening tool. In other words to smoothes the skin out of imperfections etc.

I also thought the photo looked heavily over-processed, as you can see loss of detail over the eyebrows due to averaging... pretty much the whole eyes/forehead area has very obvious processing that detracts from what originally is a great photo


I think you should either change the settings/area of the filter, or use a different filter altogether.




anyway... here's a face pic





and a lol pic (with gf, in underwater tunnel with sharks)



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you know steve if any of those sharks got loose, @ least you'd be able to defend yourself with that beak of yours :bah::lol:

Lol, yes very good.. and you could either scare them away with your big eyes or eat them with your big mouth (according to like all your photos) :lol:


e.g. this is sdy284 (Scott)



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^ I didn't know sdy was the shamwow guy!! you are my new idol :lol:


- me actually drinkin'




and later that night :lol:


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