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Getting the Maximum from Crysis

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======================================== Your Guide to Getting the Maximum from ==========================================

crysis_banner.jpg================================================== UPDATED! (16/02/2011) =================================================


I wanted to share my accumulated Knowledge here, so This Topic is Dedicated to helping you get the best graphics/gameplay quality out of Crysis, by using a combination of files and Tweaks. I will provide links to any resources, i will also try and keep my eyes peeled for notable advancements to update the thread.


As you may already know, the CryEngine 2 is Extremely Customizable. By using a 'Custom Config' you can tailor the game to suit the performance range of your computer, but since the games been out for a while now, and many of you have uber computers, im going to focus on trying to get the best quality without compromise, so you can stress those Xfire 5970's or whatever beast your rocking under the hood :thumbs-up:


High Quality Textures:

Yeah, i know your probably thinking 'Wait this is Crysis..?' but i found a lot of textures lacking when you got up close. I noticed this most on Rocks and the floor, while crawling though brushes with a silenced SCAR. This first pack is Made by Rygel and should help to alleviate some of it. Here's Some Comparison Screenshots i managed to find:


post-68190-1270992792_thumb.jpg . post-68190-1270992822_thumb.jpg . post-68190-1270992942_thumb.jpg



To install, simply extract and place the .pak files into ...\Electronic Arts\Crytec\Crysis\Game

Please ensure to Delete the Nano Suit Retexture (zzNanoSuit.pak) as there is a Bug with it, and there is an excellent Replacement coming up.


Recently Silent from Crymod released his new High Resolution Foliage Mod. This mod is simply superb at dealing with... well Foliage texturing (duh!) and it really makes a big difference throughout the game world. Also we have possibly The Most Sexy Nano Suit Retexture to date. Created by Lamarr at Crymod:


post-68190-12969575462423_thumb.jpg . post-68190-12969573490403_thumb.jpg . post-68190-12969574121738_thumb.jpg

....................Download: ....................................................................................... Download

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EUMJUUYB ..................................... http://www.megaupload.com/?d=D9J6239J


Same installation Path as before - ...\Electronic Arts\Crytec\Crysis\Game (all .pak files go here unless stated otherwise) IMPORTANT NOTE: you can use a simple "load order" trick, which is to remove the "zz" preceding the file name to counter any conflicts what may arise to a limited extent. As it stands you need to rename Rygels pack (zzTexturesupdatepart1&2.pak) to remove the "zz", this should let us use both packs together for best results.


(If you feel comfortable messing around with things, use WinRAR to open the .pak file and delete the "Bushes" and "Trees" folders, along with any other conflicts from the archive. The idea is to delete files what you already have in Silents High Resolution Foliage Pack, so it helps to have both archives open to play a little spot the difference. It wont take too long and will ensure there are no conflicts. It will also help you to have a better understanding of how to mix and match things in a modular fashion should you spot something you really like to use for example.) Just make sure to make a backup copy of the pack your editing incase you delete something wrong by accident and have to download all over again :P


Other Texture mods i Recommend:


= Animated Assault Scope: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=H9P15YZO

= Sniper Rifle Texture: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SUKVDGYG

= SCAR Rifle Texture: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=3PSBNCV1


Congratulations, You now have High res Textures for Crysis, and your RAM/VRAM usage has Significantly increased, but this is just the start! :evilgrin:


Custom Config and ToD:

Now you need a Custom Config, and a ToD mod (Time of day) The config will take you beyond 'enthusiast' settings and the ToD mod will Enhance the Lighting of Crysis to something much more realistic, you will be shocked at how much of a difference it makes. Crysis WARHEAD Doesn't have nearly as much potential for graphical splendor as the original games does as ToD moding has been locked out.



This is YodaStar's work:



== Installing the Custom Config:


1- Extract the rar file on your Desktop for now.

2- Open the Ultra high config folder

3- Cut and paste autoexec.cfg to the game's main directory (...\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis)


There's alot of tweaking to do with this config file, but its a good base config to work with, and ill cover the tweaking a little later, for now though you have a functional ultra high quality config along with the HD textures.


== Installing the ToD mod:


IMPORTANT NOTE: Ran into some problems while Testing a new TOD in later levels, some issues with it need to be Resolved (16/02/2011) Feel Free to use this version Until I Update the post with the New (much improved and simpler to install) one.


*** VERY IMPORTANT!!! First make backup of your 'levels' folder (...\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Game\Levels) and put it in a safe place. ***

You will also need to temporarily Remove the High Res Packs you just installed from {...\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Game} so place them with your backup of the 'Levels' folder for now.


You will need the Crysis Sandbox 2 Editor, which you'll find on your game disk (explore the disk, its right in the 'sandbox2' folder)

Once its installed open up the editor - it can be found in Crysis\Bin32\Editor.exe or Crysis\Bin64\Editor.exe - Okay ill try and put this into simple steps to follow:


1- To open a map: File --> Open --> Browse to Crytek\Crysis\Game\Levels and open the first one (ascension)


2- select ascension.cry and click open, Wait for the map to load up. (may seem like its frozen but just give it time)

(ignore those errors which come up, unless you get loads of popups saying something about a layer texture format.. in that case make sure you have all the high res textures removed from the crysis\game folder)


3- To install a ToD: TERRAIN --> 'TIME OF DAY' --> 'IMPORT FROM FILE' --> Choose appropiate TOD (from the 'TOD's for singleplayer levels' folder) with same name as opened map. (make sure not to mix up the tod your installing, thats why you should have a backup!)


4- To save and export to map: FILE --> SAVE and when saving is done do this: FILE --> 'EXPORT TO ENGINE' (ignore any errors that might pop up)


5- Repeat this for each map and remember to import the right TOD for the right map!


6- Once thats done, you can quit the Editor and put your custom Texture packs back


Congratulations! You should now have a Custom ToD for each Singleplayer map. (give yourself a pat on the back ) :D

**NOTE** you will have to start your missions from the beginning (so no choosing a random save in a particular level, just restart the whole level basically.)


== Moving on..


Shader Modifications by Xzero!

Global Ambient Lighting/POM AF:

This shader tweak is GOLDEN! Previously you were not able to use PoM (parallax occlusion mapping) which makes textures 3d and also have Anisotropic filtering enabled at the same time, resulting in Blurred out floors. Now however, thanks to the genius of Xzero we can have fantastic 3d texturing AND have full x16 Anistopic filtering, meaning beautifully detailed floors like this:





Post-Process AA:

This adds a custom AA Algorithm which has a nice effect of removing the sharp anti-aliasing in game.




IMPORTANT NOTE: You must remember that the Edge Anti Aliasing we are using in the config is Incompatible with the FSAA which you have in the games menu options. The 2 are different So Please remember to turn it off in game so that it can properly utilize the EdgeAA. It's considered to be a "cheap" alternative to the FSAA, however it actually works very nicely and with Xzero's modified AA Algorithm it actually looks AND performs better too! :D


SSAO Shader:

Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) adds shadows under objects with relation to light, for that extra realism. Here is a comparison:

..........................Original: ....................................................... Xzero:

post-68190-12970029166027_thumb.jpg .. post-68190-12970029033885_thumb.jpg

......................................................... Download:

..................................... http://crymod.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=77200

= Lens Flare Shader - ETA=Soon

= Face Lighting Shader - ETA=Soon


The Installation path is the same as before. Just Drop Xzero's files into: ...\Electronic Arts\Crytec\Crysis\Game In addition to this however you Must Delete the "ShaderCache.pak" file whats in there. Also Delete the "Shaders" folder which is located in My Documents\My Games\Crysis. Once thats done and you restart the game, Load up a level (not a quicksave or checkpoint) and you will notice alot of things like textures missing. Dont worry though, its normal! This is because the game is re-compiling the shaders, so once thats done (may take a minute or 3) you should be able to play the game as normal. (There are 2 more shaders i am awaiting for from Xzero, so when they come out you will have to follow the above procedure again.)



Physics/Particle modifications by Xigmatek!

Xigmatek's Xtreme effects 2 (XFX2) Is FINALLY out! and its as every bit chaotically beautiful as us Crysis moders could have hoped for. If you want to oogle over big explosions, fantastic physics, particles.. whatever just install this, as Xigmatek's the master of physics mods for Crysis bar none in my opinion. HUGE fan of his previous work and you should be too (take a look through his youtube channel, some very creative and insane physics based weapon mods in there!)



See the Second Post Below for Tweaking the Config file!

Edited by SenitaL

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NOTE: The following updates are taking into consideration the performance loss of installing Mods from the Previous post. I have changed them to more optimised values for the best image quality with minimal playable frames in mind. I have also added advice tips to some variables for Single AND Multi GPU users. Some variables Listed below are NOT in the Config, so add them in! :happy:


You Should make a Shortcut of the Crysis exe what you use on your Desktop and add -devmode to the end of the Target. So for example it should look like this: "C:\Games\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Bin64\Crysis.exe" -devmode - This will also enable cheats (a full list of which can be found here: http://www.cheatcc.com/pc/crysischeatscodes.html) so i advise you to not use the Multiplayer component from the Crysis install, but rather just install Crysis Wars separately, so you wont be booted from Multiplayer.


I spent many weeks tweaking away on my CCC based Crysis config, but there was just so much additional work to do that i scrapped it and went hunting for a true 'Ultra' config. This is when i bumped into the one included in Yodastar's ToD mod, it was an Excellent basis to tweak on. The 'Ultra config' is already very high quality, so i only needed to do some minor work to get the most from it. Lets get started:


== Open up the autoexec.cfg file which you should have placed in your ...\Electronic Arts\Crytec\Crysis folder. (use Notepad)

In here there is a ton of different variables to modify, but Don't go crazy and just start setting veiw distances to 100000 - thats not how this works, delicacy and an uncommon amount of common sence is needed. :P First up - Use Ctrl + F so that its quick and easy to find the correct variables which need to be modified (highlighted in Green Below)


If you wish to run the game at a different resolution (one which doesn't show up in the options menu) you may add these commands to the top of your config:

r_width= (1920 for example)

r_height= (1080 for example)


If you wish to change the Field of view (FoV) from the current 75 the variable cl_fov= is the one you want to look at. Bearing in mind that the Higher the FoV setting, the more potential performance loss as more is being displayed on screen. (default is 60)


r_MultiGPU= (Default is 2) For Single GPU setups use 0. IMPORTANT: If you are using a Multi GPU Setup change this to 1 The reason is that 2 enables automatic detection, allowing for more headroom on a Multi GPU setup, however this is only true for Nvidia SLI setups, so for ATI users Crossfire Scaling is Off by Default. :rolleyes:


d3d9_TripleBuffering= If you run the game in DirectX9 mode and use Vsync i suggest setting this to 1, otherwise if Vsync is disabled there isn't much point in it being enabled.


r_MotionBlurShutterSpeed= this controls how intense the motion blur will be in game. Much of the time i found that setting it to 0.5 (slider in game set to full) made everything far too blurry, so i started testing different variables. I suggest a value of 0.025 or 0.03


e_gsm_cache_lod_offset=2 Bump this to 3, Changes the update factor of shadows. Setting to 5 means all shadows are updated in realtime, but this comes at an extremely heavy performance cost (not worth it as you cant really see that far in the game anyhow)


e_proc_vegetation=1 (Enables or disables procedurally drawn vegetation) for Single GPU users i would suggest setting this to 0 as it will give you a little performance boost while only marginally thinning out vegetation (barely noticeable) Multi GPU Users can keep it at 1


e_view_dist_ratio_detail= Set this down to 50, any higher only seems to adversely affect performance for not very noticeable gains in image quality. (default VHigh is 30)


e_view_dist_ratio=80, IF running a Multi GPU setup, try setting this up to 160, It controls the view distance for rocks, soldiers, small clutter ect. Single GPU Users should leave it at 80 (Default Very High is 60)


e_view_dist_ratio_vegetation=80, Multi GPU users can try Bumping this up to 160, It Controls view distances for vegetation. (default VHigh is 45)


For Performance Reasons Please Set the following 2 values back to their Respective Default Very High settings:

e_vegetation_sprites_distance_custom_ratio_min= (Default very High =1.0)

e_vegetation_sprites_distance_ratio= (Default very High =1.5)


e_detail_materials_view_dist_z= Bump this up to 512, it will give you a more detailed Floor.


es_DebrisLifetimeScale= Single GPU users may want to try setting this to 4 to improve performance around Debris.


Add gpu_particle_physics=1 which will be used if its available on your card.


e_cull_veg_activation= Bump this up Slightly to 80. (Default VHigh is 50)


Add the following TWO commands under the Post Processing section of the config: r_ColorGradingDOF=0 - Removes the Distant blur on everything as this is very unrealistic (unless you have very bad eyesight that is) while preserving the Very high quality DoF settings. and r_glow=1.


Please set r_DetailDistance= to 20, which is apparently the maximum for this variable (i think Mr YSFX got a little carried away :lol: Default VHigh is 8)


r_HDRRendering=2 You may want to Set this down to 1 as it Still enables HDR Rendering but without the associated performance loss.


Set e_vegetation_use_terrain_color= to 0, this will make the game use original colours for vegetation in the game, (much more realistic) instead of the same shade of green on all plants. As a side note this will also fix any Flickering issues you might come across on vegetation using some configs)


r_UsePom=0 Set this to 1 to enable Parallax occlusion mapping (or 3D Textures for short) Previously you were NOT able to enable this without losing Anisotropic filtering altogether, which resulted in blurry floors. However using the Global Ambient Lighting Mod From Xzero (listed in First post) you now can! :woot:


e_shadows_max_texture_size=1024 you can bump this to 2048, this will give you more detailed shadows.


Add r_WaterGodRays=1 under the Water section of the config.


r_CloudsUpdateAlways=0 IF your running a Strong Single GPU Setup you can set this to 1. Likewise for Multi GPU users.


e_particles_max_emitter_draw_screen=128 - For Dual GPU Users try setting this to 1024, but don't be afraid to back it down to 512 or 256 if you start getting slowdowns. This is Especially True if you have Xigmatek's XFX2 mod installed!


Add the following commands to the config:











Here are some Experimental AI values, to improve on the games AI. It also enables the AI interest system which can make soldiers get scared of unpredicted events. For example a frog moving through bushes makes noise and disturbs them, as a result a soldier can get scared and open fire at the bush. NOTE: These settings are pretty tough, so if you want more of a challenge out of the game, then go for it, else just leave this one out.











Minimum System Requirements:


= 4GB of RAM (still has many loading spots in areas), 6GB Recommended

= Quad Core CPU at 3.4ghz

= Solid DirectX 10 capable card, Nvidia GTX 460 - ATI HD5850 or equivalent

= 2.5GB Extra HDD Space (assuming you install the above Mods)


Okay thats about it i guess, many thanks to those of you who actually bothered to sit and read all of this (and stay awake) :lol: I'd just like to add that if you nail everything Properly, you can get some Stunning Real life results out of this game, no kidding, sometimes while comparing screenshots i actually had a hard time differentiating real from in game.


Heres the best Crysis gallery you'll ever find, so you can see for yourself. Its over at InCrysis:



Fun Video on YouTube of superdinoman (aka Hunterbrute over at Crymod)



If you have have any questions or Problems or Additions you'd like to make to this Guide, then Feel free to do so! Take care everyone and Game on!

Edited by SenitaL

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stickied, altho I would try and add some formatting (colors mainly) to the OP so it's easier to read & not just a big chunk of white text

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Wow this thread lives and got stuk?! :lol: I didnt think it would have many hits becase crysis is hard enough to run as it is without going beyond ultra!


Edit: Link Fixed, Text formatting done, Added pictures and Re-Worded some Gramatically incorrect sentences, hope thats better! :)

Edited by SenitaL

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Nice guide :) But I would also suggest people try out the RealLifesis ToD's with Helder Pinto Ultra High Quality Custom Config.

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Nice to see others out there Experimenting with different configs and ToD's! :) I've tried out Real Lifesis ToD and it was great but it always annoyed me how dark the night levels were, i mean Really dark :lol: Also at certain times the colours would seem washed out in the game, For example it's early sunrise, so everything should have a slight orangy tint to it, to show the sun's rays are hitting the leaves & ect.. with Real lifesis ToD, it was there but i didnt think it accuratly represented the Time of day it was in the game according to where the sun was. (if that makes any sence lol) on the other hand i think he nailed all the daytime levels :)

Edited by SenitaL

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thanks to those of you who actaully bothered to sit and read through all this (and stay awake) :lol:

It wasn't a matter of fighting to stay awake :D It was more a matter of not being able to begin falling asleep whilst my head pounds on about how you've got to be the craziest man living for even trying this :D


Honestly, I'd need to turn the resolution down to 1280 x 1024 to play on those kind of settings :P And that's a huge step down from 1920 x 1080

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The Crysis Guide has now been Overhauled since its original writeup early last year! Much has changed, and things have really matured up in the Crysis moding scene.


I've also fixed up all the links what were down, and completely Revamped the Config Tweaking in the second post of the guide, to make the game more playable without loss of image quality. It also Includes tips for Single and Multi-GPU users, as well as Minimum system requirements.


There will be future additions to the guide, though for the most part its complete. The ToD (Time of Day) whats currently listed will be replaced by RELI2 (Real Lifesis 2) By CryPuppy, who has done a Beautiful job at creating a massively improved version since his original Real Lifesis release. I have run into a few issues with it during testing In later levels though, so i am not listing it up yet, but once i get an answer/Updated version of the ToD back from CryPuppy i will update the thread again. (all the best of luck to him at his Job working for Crytek :cheers:)


Enjoy it everyone, lets Send Crysis out with a BANG before moving over to Crysis 2, which has a LOT to live up to (infact i really doubt it will live up to the original!)



Edit: Some Further testing shows that theres still quite alot of problems with the RELI2 ToD, So you're better off either Leaving the ToD To Default or using the one included in the guide till a v1.2 or something, ill update when that time comes ;)

Edited by SenitaL

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Great mod guide , i just brought Crysis for the purpose of getting mods , i dont even honestly like the game all too much


EDIT: all the xzero stuff is gone :(

Edited by KK_

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