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2010: PC Gaming Names - Xfire, Steam, Gamespy

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As the xfire and steam names are now in the profiles this thread WILL NOT be updated anymore!



Alright, here we go! Since the console thread was put back up, I decided to go get the PC thread back up :thumbsup:

Here is the original post by d3bruts1d :)


Finding other OCC members and playing games with them is pretty easy thanks to XFire, Steam, and even GameSpy (Arcade & Comrade). Additionally, OverclockersClub.com also has sections available in your profile to add your XFire & Steam user names.


With XFire, you can join the OCC Gaming Clan and easily see everyone else who has joined. This group is administrated by sdy284.


Similar to XFire, we have an OCC Steam Group which allows you to see what games other group members are playing.


While these are nice, some people still have trouble figuring out who is who when the XFire/Steam/GameSpy name doesn't match the member's forum name... so, feel free to post your account name on those services (and any other that I may have missed) and I'll add you to the list. If the name is different than the forum name, I'll put the forum name in parenthesis next to the information.





  • d3bruts1d
  • OCC|333 (333)
  • drbowtie
  • Xtacc (QMax)
  • Andrewr05
  • oldfett
  • pheonix412 (Kuronin)
  • GenGReaper (GenG)
  • q3rage (damian)
  • kingdingeling15 (kingdingeling)
  • slick2500
  • krazyxazn
  • redtigerdragon
  • Pilliy
  • madkat25 (KingRaptor)
  • PeterStoba
  • MasterRex (MasterRex862)
  • GeekSpeak411
  • leondeath (RogerDeath)
  • snipergirl777 (xg4m3rch1ckx)
  • pyromaniac16 (PyRo_MaNiAc)
  • General912 (greengiant912)
  • ClayMeow
  • dannathrik (Danrik)
  • loarmistead
  • Awarman (Marine)
  • Senital2845
  • Bubbaxm2
  • rooflws (bp9801)
  • dexrain
  • Ryan (rmb938)
  • gotdamojo06
  • warjesus (nikola19283)
  • sdy284
  • nolimit974
  • krieg1337
  • Morris (hierovision)
  • Jump4h
  • feetfats





  • d3bruts1d
  • Raiderfan001
  • Dr_Rockso (CheeseMan42)
  • marne_aeok
  • vcark333 (333)
  • dr_bowtie
  • Xtacc (QMax)
  • oldfett
  • q3rage (damian)
  • suchuwato
  • lan_d_ser (kingdingeling)
  • sXySlick714 (slick2500)
  • Tuebor407 and Krazy407 (krazyxazn)
  • l33tp1mp
  • o.c.mooz {SW} (ocmooz)
  • theblacksea221 (Krow)
  • Pilliy
  • RammsteinJon (nVidia_Freak)
  • PeterStoba
  • MasterRex862
  • Nalcyon
  • RSV2_King (RogerDeath)
  • pyro_maniac
  • ClayMeow
  • ShallowBay10
  • danrik33
  • loarmistead
  • ekiM
  • Awar (Marine)
  • UnionOfV
  • Deathmineral
  • Senital2845
  • Bubbaxm2
  • Troy25 (bp9801)
  • DexFire2812
  • gotdamojo06
  • dreamevil995 (nikola19283)
  • sgt_staypuft (sdy284)
  • tp4266 (nolimit974)
  • Darkfuneral1337
  • gebraset (Ediseye)
  • t0asty peep
  • Hierovision
  • Jump4h43
  • CowKing
  • feetfats




  • d3bruts1d
  • Omarly339 (SenitaL)




  • GeekSpeak411

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