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Hard mounted SATA connectors - HAF 922

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I was thinking since the hard drives already slide in so easily in the HAF 922, I was thinking it could be even simpler if there were hard mounted SATA connectors in the back of the hard drive cage, so the drives slide right in and no messing with cables.


How difficult would this be to achieve in your opinion?

I've never done any real modding myself. Any suggestion on how to make this work?


Here's a quick concept drawing I made in Paint to elaborate :)


This would be the plate that goes on the back of the HDD bays. I was thinking using 5 seperate ones instead of just a single plate with 5 plugs, incase I ever want to install an IDE drive.


Any thoughts?

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I would guess it would depend on what the back of the hd rack looks like, if it's completely open or if there is framming in the way.. You will need to get 3 vectors linned up.. horizonal, vertical and depth. It would also have to handle the stress of both plugs being inserted at the same time. If you do a lot of hd swapping it might be worth it, otherwise i wouldn't bother.


You might be able to mod a hot swap bay into the hd rack, which would probibly be the easier route.

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