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Who had a fermi setup sent to him!?

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Unfortunately it's the prototype so only VGA out and it needs it's two supporting cards for it's massive graphics memory clusters :)

They were EVEN nice enough to give me a drive with Win7 Ultimate preinstalled (the giant 100TB drive) and then they gave me a PCI-E Harddrive with the prototype drivers on it :).


Fermi card:IMAG0234.jpg (Check out it's new SLI 2.0 connector on top ;))

Graphics memory card 1:IMAG0233.jpg

Graphics memory card 2:IMAG0235.jpg

100TB Internal Raided HDD:IMAG0236.jpg

PCI-E Driver 500GB HDD:IMAG0237.jpg

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bet you've never seen the prototype model before :P




Are those ISA?

If by ISA you mean InSane Awesome than yes :P

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