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Hellgate: London revival


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Well, it looks like Hellgate: London will be seeing a revival later this year. When the game was launched, it didn't do so hot on the reviews and the fan base was either diehard or spiteful. Flagship Studios, the creators, had a pay-to-play online multiplayer plan which kind of tanked and soon after, the studio closed down. But not before HanbitSoft purchased the rights to keep the game alive in Asia. Through steady updates, tweaks, and a free-to-play online plan, the game has been a hit with a great deal of success in the Asia market, specifically Korea, and with this, HanbitSoft is going to re-release the game in select Asian markets later this year with a plan for North America, Europe and Japan to follow soon after. Hopefully the game will see a new success in the markets it flopped in and will get the acclaim it once hoped for.


Full story here.

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