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Red Orchestra 2: Heroes Of Stalingrad

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Update: 8/10/11


The Guide to Red Orchestra 2 by Krazyxazn




I just discovered a gameplay demo, its pretty active so you can get the feel of the game.





For those who don't know about the game Red Orchestra and it's mods. It is a realistic WW2 FPS game built on the Unreal Engine 2.x. They announced last year that they are planning on releasing a new expansion of the game built on the Unreal Engine 3.0. I've always said this game deserves to be modernized whenever I played it. My wish finally came true, when I discovered this information earlier today.


It's a really good WW2 FPS game. Red Orchestra is based on Germany vs Russia front, while it's mods are based on other fronts: Western and North Africa. The game ranges from infantry to vehicle warfare. From open fields to forests to urban warfare.


GameCon 09: Walkthrough Part 1 and Part 2 (single player)


This new game will be based on operations around and in Stalingrad.


It includes new gameplay features (click the link for more details) such as:

  • First person cover system
  • Squad Command
  • WWII weaponry Redefined
  • Morale
  • Damage System
  • Mantling system
  • Adjustable sights
  • Bandaging
  • Interactive Weapon Collision
  • Bullet Penetration
  • Breathing System
  • Bipods
  • Minimalistic HUD
  • Tactical View
  • Weight System
  • More Game Modes (Territory Mode, Skirmish Mode, ...)
  • Persistent Stats Tracking and Player Progression
  • Heroes
  • Co-op (against AI bots)
  • Competitions & Leader-boards
  • Realism Settings (More realistic than games that offer hardcore modes)
  • Deathmessages (Includes distance of kill, maps on RO tend to be big)
  • Kill Assists (Meh, usually die in 1-2 bullets anyways. It's not like other FPS games where you have armor and you can take 5-6 bullets to get killed)

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They had an interview at GDC: http://ve3d.ign.com/articles/features/5372...alks-Stalingrad (also has screenshots, using Unreal Engine 3)


Notable things:


Options to turn off the newer features meant to help new players get over the learning curve. Let me tell you RO's learning curve is steep lol. The majority of the people who I see start it quit lol. Once you get over it you will have fun.


New game mode called Countdown. Think if they married Counter Strike with Bad Company's Rush mode, but expanded it to multiple objectives per level.

Countdown is an element that Tripwire truly aimed to innovate. They immediately began looking for ways to "not be Counterstrike." This meant identifying two key flaws in that type of multiplayer, in which everyone gets a single life and must wait for the round to be over to respawn. First was the idea that one must "hurry up and die, so others can play again." The other being the demand that levels needed to be smaller, so that there wouldn't be long gaps in the action, with one player being the holdout and keeping everyone from playing.


So what they came up with is Countdown. In Countdown players still only get one life, but they get one life per objective, and there are multiple objectives per level. These can be anything from a territory capture, blowing something up or reaching a certain position. There are no solid definitions for the extent of their objectives, but these are the current ideas they're working on. Once the attacking players take the objective, everyone respawns and the match moves to the next area. Alternatively, if the defenders kill all the attackers, they win the round and everyone switches sides.


Multiplayer Campaign mode. Now this really excites me. Like Risk, but you actually fight the battles :D.

They're introducing a Multiplayer Campaign Mode. They found that oftentimes players will experience a match so intense, they're left dripping with sweat, but the whole experience only lasts fifteen minutes. They wanted a way to encapsulate that experience and stretch it out, while giving the game more depth. At this point in our conversation, John asked for my pen and began sketching out a checkered map on my notebook.


Each box represented a different map in the game, and he explained that this Multiplayer Campaign would act like a metagame of Risk. When players enter into the campaign, it's a giant power struggle. As a team wins a map, it's marked on that large map and the battle progresses into a new area. As teams win they gain Combat Strength, which directly ties to reinforcements and allows them to fight further against the losers. Thus, as one team captures more areas, they both grow stronger but use more strength, leaving them more vulnerable as they approach complete domination. This creates an epic tug-of-war in which those original fifteen minute white-knuckle rumbles turn into a two to three hour war. This brings a new level of immersion to the experience and sounds like it will allow players to truly get lost in battle.


But the power struggle isn't a simple win and get stronger. As more territory is taken from the losing team, they actually gain some strength in their reinforcements, because it takes less Combat Strength to defend than attack. This brings the fighting into a more historical representation of what happened between the Germans and Russians, because the Russians had been driven back to their last few lines where they were forced to pick off the Germans until they made a true comeback. This is exactly the type of situation that the Multiplayer Campaign encourages.


More info on Character/Hero Progression (sounds good)

Our game discussion traveled to character progression, in which players level and rank up. This progression eventually leads to the creation of the titular Heroes. Once at that level, characters will have access to special items and bonuses, but it's the visual cues that sounded interesting in the progression. When a character cracks open Heroes of Stalingrad, they'll be a clean-shaven recruit, sporting a leftover, worn weapon. As they make their way towards becoming a Hero, they grow towards being a hardened veteran. This doesn't mean everyone will be a muscled Rambo, but instead a more grizzled veteran in which your experience shows on your face and your clothes. Steiner, from the old film Cross of Iron, was their prototype Hero. But unlike the recruit's clunky, used weapon, the Hero gets a sharp, clean piece of machinery that will reign terror on their enemies (that's the aim, anyway).


Still no release date. However they said there will be a big Beta test and marketing for the game.

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They said there is a chance of them being at Gamescom. Starts on August 18, 2010, my birthday :D. NCSoft will be there too with a playable demo of Guild Wars 2 :woo:


Cheers to anyone who picked up RO 1 for $2.50 during Steam Daily Deals. A friend of mine bought it and I played a few maps with him. I don't think he ever got a score higher than 2 out of 3 maps :haha: .

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