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My Horrible Day


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Aww.. Aight..


So.. Aug. 27th I went to bed at 3am..

I had work that same afternoon at 12noon..

I work 18 hrs that day.. from 12noon to 6am.. it is now 7am..


I just got home.. And I made a few posts like I always do..


And now I have to post my crappy day to you all..


Well.. It was going good.. Upuntill shift change for the first time for me..

I ended up being -9 bucks or somehting like that, and I couldent find it.. So I was pizzed.. anyways..

My friend came in at 10 to releave my co-worker..


So My day got better.. and I had 2 bottle of bawls in the back cooler cuz.. Yeha im working 18hrs.. i need it..


So I hook him up with one.. and I drink one.. and yeah.. my day is awesome!! w00t..


well about 3:30am.. I clean out our slushy machine..

and then that gets done.. and I go to fill it.. with "Extreme Peach"


and Its full.. (3 Gallons) and that mother comes apart and splashes all over me.. all over the place.. too me untill 5am to clean it up.. and right now I am smelling Peachy...


Oh.. I hate peach.. I so wanted to kill someone.. and dave.. you know hes being afriend about the whole thing.. (Laughing at me)


ahh it was horrible...


So yeah.. I had to get that out.. I feel better now..


My day was just peachy.. how about any of you's?



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If it'd been during the day, just imigine the lines you could have used.... Ahh man, sorry about you day. :)



My GF had a similar evet this week involving some "Berry Blue" stuff.... turned her pants, legs, shoes, and the entire store blue... just wish I could have been there. :P



haha... BTW, did you get your CDs yet???

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haha danx bosco...


oh man.. I have work again in about 20 mins.. bah...


No d3bruts1d...


I did not.. I am getting almost pizzed off..


Im going to call tomorrow..


I wonder if one of the neighbor fuxx0rz got it.. none of them like me.. so they wouldent give it back..


and its not like UPS cant find my house.. I just got a subbox from there..

and all of these parts for this 1700+ athlon I am building..


Oh well.. I can do with out 2k for a while..

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This is the MSG i got from them man..


Dear Charles Coggins:


Thank you for your inquiry. Our system indicates the Billing

Information was processed on 07/23/02. The Billing Information

entry indicates the shipper transmitted their shipping record

electronically to UPS. This does not necessarily indicate the

date the parcel was physically picked up by UPS from the shipper's

location. To verify your parcel was shipped as scheduled, please

contact your shipper. If the ship date is confirmed and the

scheduled delivery date has passed (based on the actual ship

date), please have your shipper contact UPS to initiate a tracer

for further investigation.


Thank you for using UPS Internet Services.



So.. I guess email them or somehting or call..


thats bull is all i gots to say..

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