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[WTS] Assorted Goodies

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So, its time for new years cleaning and I got some stuff for sale.

All of this will be going to the "I dont like being broke" fund :lol:


Im open to working out a combo, so feel free to ask.


I happily will accept PayPal & will ship day after payment via USPS to lower 48.

My Heatware



Samsung 1GB DDR2-667 Laptop RAM (used for only about 3 weeks) - $15 shipped

Pictures soon






Power Supplies:



Antec 120mm LED Fan (BRAND NEW!) - $12 shipped

Picture soon


Computer Accessories:

Kingwin IDE Mobile Rack - $8 Shipped



Rosewill RC-200 PCI IDE (ATA) Silicon Image RAID (0/1/0+1/JBOD) Host Controller Card - $8 shipped



Mad Dog SC3000 MPB-000138 Rev1.2 PCI Sound Card - $8 shipped




Logitech Behind-the-head Headphones & MIC (not USB!) - $14 shipped



Hard Drives:





Thing Already Sold:

Crucial Ballstix w/ LED PC6400 DDR2800 RAM 2x 512MB (link shows 2GB kit)

Super Talent 2GB (2x 1GB) PC5300 DDR2667 RAM

Samsung 256MB PC3200 DDR400 RAM

Hynix 512MB PC3200 DDR400 RAM - M/N: HYMD564646CP8R-D43

XBOX 360 Headset Communicator NEVER USED, but open

Seagate Barracuda IDE ATA100 Hard Drive - P/N: 9BD032-302 - 160GB

ECS C19-A SLI LGA 775 Motherboard - Includes Box, Manual, & Disk

Intel Pentium 4 541 LGA 775 (Includes Heatsink)

Broadway Com Corp OKIA ATX Power Supply 600W

Western Digital IDE ATA100 Hard Drive - 160GB

Seagate Barracude IDE ATA100 Hard Drive - P/N: 9W2083-314 - 120GB

AMD Phenom II x4 945 AM3 (Includes Heatsink)

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio 24-bit 96KHz PCI Interface Sound Card

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