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I need a i5 Processor and mobo!

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I just got the shell shocker at newegg few days ago


It's actually very nice! Only took a day to arrive too!



So, now I need is a motherboard and a processor then basically I'm pretty much done.


I also need a case. I want full case it's better and more room.


I want a motherboard that I can sli or crossfire. Whichever is better with graphics cards and my power supply supports. I want an i5 processor too. If their is better than i5, then I'll get the better one.


Case can be blue or red. Full tower I prefer.


Anyone find me anything good and looks cool?


I'm getting about $250 tomorrow and about another 200 friday. So after that, I'll be ready for a new computer! :D


AMD or Intel? explain. My friend Jon is the best at gaming computers. He puts three of them together, it's crazy. He loves putting together PC's, and I've seen pics and it looks like quite an expensive project.

He says Intel is better. A lot of people on her are all AMD. What's better for gaming and olverclocking?

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I need it. Maybe 6 GB for now.

This computer is going to be for video editing as well! So I need memory to render videos

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I'm getting:


Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD5

Intel Core i5 750 2.66GHz Socket 1156 Box - will also do 4.0 with good cooling.

Corsair Dominator DDR3 PC12800/1600MHz CL9


You should look through all the different P55 (if that's what you decide to go with) chipset boards and find which has the specifications you want. I mainly chose the above over the others 'cause it was the cheapest that has two network adapters and supports USB3.0.


i7 is better if money isn't a problem. In this case there are also better motherboards, from what I've read.


I don't know a whole lot myself but others on the forum have all vouched for the above hardware.

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