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Are you happy with your Modern Warfare 2 PC version?

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lol looks like IW haven't learnt from CSS :D once I got flashed 4 times in quick succession...

In css the world isn't as detailed and big as in cod 4 so it's much easier to detect and avoid flashes and nades. Though a skilled player can always get anyone with a either of them. In COD 4, I can tell ya right now and I bet everyone would agree that if it wasn't for the nade indicator, we'd be dying MUCH MUCH more often.

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Ya the nade indicator definitely saves lives - life got much easier when I stopped ignoring it.


But there is no indicator for the Flash Bangs. You either get lucky or you get a hole the size of Texas burned in your retina with bright white screen.



I had some (censored) flank me while I was exchanging fire with his teammate. He didn't just take me out like everyone else in that scenario does. He throws a flash grenade at my head, and then he pulls out his pistol and finishes the job. But since his aimed sucked more than paris hilton on a friday night he delayed my agony so i had to sit through the whole friggin flash bang ...and he was only 2ft away! I completely went out of my way to take him out after that. Think he dropped out after that match too.

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