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HAF 932 Rolling Worklog (56k Beware)

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Velcro with sticky on it actually..... Its going to be replaced shortly by double sided tape when i get around to buying the stuff. :P


But yes they are Dual cold cathodes in one small box. it mounts easily behind the 5-1/4 drive bays behind the right side back plate. its also secured with double sided tape.

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OK. Here it is. I have talked about it and thought it over and determined it was time I tried something different in the haf932. so I have made some adjustments.


1: Per wevsspot's advise I'm going to try a different loop configuration and see if that yields lower head temps.


2: I'm going to have to slow down my pump due to the res churning the air and allowing bubbles to blow into the intake.


3: I'm turning around the radiator to help utilize the 5 1/4 bays cause with the radiator intake in the front you have to many bays taken up by the tubing for bending clearance.


4: I want to route the hoses better so they are just not in the complete way of working on the computer. It can be a pain sometimes.


5: remount the lights and make sure they stay............


Here is what I did.






made use of an old case wiring managment mount. It was perfect for the Job.




As its depicted the radiator being turned around has allowed me to move everything up and get things in nice and tight. After this was changed I can feel air coming into the case from the front vent. :lol:




Everything works fantastic so far. Without the Blue dye in the loop the computer runs at 32c idle, 33c folding Gpu, 38c Full load prime 95 stock chip settings. I am happy with it now. Who knows what I'll roll out with next. Had my eye on a new rad the other day and I'm doing my best to dismiss that idea. Or maybe I need to take road-runners cart for a test spin? ROFL. ill get the overclocked results posted asap. :) enjoy.


Load temps overclock to 3.70 vid is 1.45v (38c Idle, 40c folding, 47-49c very under prime 95)

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That is a danger den 5 1/4 1 bay res. I don't like it near as much as the other res I had. It does not allow the water to flow at the pumps max rate but there are no consequences to running the pump at half rather then full. Like 2c difference. :)

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