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Change of Plans on previous build

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Ok so ive change my mind on a previous build and looking for more suggestions LOL

Decided id like to stay around $1000 mark for this

still would be used for gaming mainly

amd phenom 965 or intel i5??? which is better you decide probably wont overclock for now

prefer single gpu and 4gb ram to start

plan to use a Cooler Master Haf 932 mid case

If you could recommend ram, 500gb hd, mobo, psu, gpu and cd/dvd drive

If you have an alternative case please do post open to all suggestions

Id like to add a 24" monitor as well if its possible to squeeze that into the package as well

but that can come later

what about a gaming network card as well??? if its worth it through it in the package

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I'd get a 955 x4 to give the amd choice a higher price advantage. Just make sure to get the 125W version

just get any old 2x2GB set of 1333mhz, just one of the cheapest kits. Memory's memory.

A nice 5850 or 4870x2 would love the 24".

500GB HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.12

Mobo: 790X chipset, but I can't name any specifics since it should be one that fits your preferences

optical drive (cd/dvd): whichever is the cheapest between a samsung/sony/plextor/pioneer/LG/HP.....basically just don't get a lite-on and you're fine

gaming network cards won't do a thing for ya, and your motherboard will have a nice intergrated network chip

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