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Mobo/Recommendations for new build??????

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I am looking into making the order for my new build and I have a few questions. First of all, the following is what I have it narrowed down to right now:


CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition

Heatsink: Asetek LCLC 120 Liquid Cooling System 120MM Radiator & Fan

Motherboard: MSI AMD 790FX-GD70 AM3

Memory: 4GB (2GBx2) DDR3/1600MHz Dual Channel Memory (A-Data)

Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 5850

Boot Hard Drive: 64 GB Kingston 2.5 inch SATA Gaming MLC Solid State Disk

Storage Drive: 500GB SATA-II 3.0Gb/s 16MB Cache 7200RPM

Case: AZZA Solano 1000

Power Supply: 950 Watt CyberPowerPC Power Supply

CD Drive: LG 22X DVD

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I don't know much about Liquid Cooling or SSDs..


As for the rest of the stuff:


Processor: the 720 triple core is pretty good and I have been able to unlock it to a quad core without much fuss... But unlocking isn't guaranteed.. 6core processors are just a luxury for now considering your usage.. So I'd say buy a quad and if you ever need a better proccy get the 6 core...


Motherboard: the Sata III boards aren't really up to the mark.. They bottleneck the PCIe2.0.. So wait for the 890FX if you intend to go SATA III.. Else just select mobos according to their features and pricing and then read through the reviews..


Video card: 5770 x2 would be something like a 5870, but a single powerful GPU is the best to buy...


PSU: Get a better one like Corsair or OCZ.. remember it's the heart of your build..


Rest seems fine..

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