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Half Life 2 MOD?

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Hi, I am pretty new to Overclockers club. and seems this place is pretty cool.




I played thru all the half life games and i think they are totally Legit. So, i was looking around for demos or any videos of the third chapter and came upon a MOD.


I have NO clue what a mod really is, But from what I gathered I think a mod is basically another version of the game, built on the same engine and stuff but with new levels

and or story, new weapons and such, basically a Re-mix of the original game. Is this right?


And, assuming this is true, I own the games , I paid for them, and i was wondering if there are any free mods that i can download, and are good, and


Exactly what do i do?



Any help Would be Awesome!

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Wiki is your friend



Some single player mods. Some are zip files, others are exe. I have never installed Half-Life mods so other members will have to guide you. And i am sure they have better sources(no pun intended) on where to find good mods.

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As desktop-pro said, they come in all different forms, and usually those site will tell you how to install a particular mod. You can also find free mods thru STEAM itself.


I heard Dystopia is really good, but that's multiplayer.


Minerva is single player and I believe I played that awhile back and it was decent...don't remember much about it though.


Check out moddb for a good listing: http://www.moddb.com/mods?filter=t&=Se...e=61&type=1


Also there is hl2mods, but I haven't used them: http://www.hl2mods.co.uk/find.php?genreStr...amp;Submit=Show

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