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Custom skins for MSi Afterburner

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MSI released a video card overclocking program called Afterburner.

Default blue skin:





I have made a few custom skins for it:

Aero Ultra Compact (Ice and Dark version)



download link:





I'm still making some more that I'll post here later.




Legion Skin and WW2 themed skin coming soon!


Thanks for viewing!

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Downloaded Aero Ultra Compact and using the dark version. It's pretty cool, altho i would like to have a normal sized skin colored and themed like the dark version of compact skin, but nice work anyway. :thumbs-up:

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Sorry to bump an old topic but it seems my DeviantArt which I haven't logged into for 2 years now is filled with requests for the skins (and from OCC members here as well).  Unfortunately I have lost these files now and don't remember how to make the USF file for the skins anymore but I still have the PSD files for the Fallout 3 and the Aero Ultra Compact skins for those who are still interested.


I just remembered that I made these on a crappy 15 inch CRT monitor hence the Ultra Aero Ice skin has horrible colors. lol. I quickly fixed the colors for the Fallout Skin to have a more uniform texture and color now though. The Ultra Aero Compact ones I left the same. 


RAR'ed PSDs of the Fallout 3 skin: http://www.mediafire.com/?i38e7ecc5d6vpuf


RAR'ed PSDs of both Ultra Aero Compact skins: http://www.mediafire.com/?t4yl1622pp93qch

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