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there never was an "unlocked" chip....


they were just designed in such a manner that they were easily unlocked....


so easy that the mobo manufacturers built the capability into the board...


now AMD changed the chip...anything post week 39 is locked differently... and can't be unlocked...


why? so we buy the 64bit chips that are unlockable...



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since you have the VIA chipset and not the nForce2 chipset, the answer is ...maybe...

I'm not sure with that board.. hopefully an owner will know...


and unless you are buying a used chip..you aren't getting a pre-week 39 chip

AFAIK noone has anymore...

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ah ha.. check this out my friends...


today i just finished putting together a friends new system together. it was time to upgrade his ol' dell pIII 933mhz/512mb pc133/gf3 ti200 64mb.. mostly a gaming pc for americas army 2.0a and bf1942.. he had a budget of around 500$(a guess an engagement ring will do that.. i dunno)so i went to newegg and came up with something that he should be happy with and also perform.. he is keeping his 19' dell crt and key/opti mouse. went to newegg and here's what i came up with:


90.00 - asus a7n8x

49.00 - xp1800 t-bred oem (i gave him my stock hs/fan from my xp2400)

72.00 - wd 80g 8mg

54.00 - allied case w/ 350w ps

107.00 - 2x256 kingstom hyper-x pc2700

169.00 - sapphire ati radeon 9600xt

$545 shipped to nyc and it arrived 1/9 and i put together today 1/10


the point of my short novel here is that i heard that the new athlons/bartons are coming with locked multi's, but you can +- fsb.. this particular chip was a 0344.. locked.. ok np.. well upon first boot i went into bios and did the proper adjustments for user defined settings.. and low and behold i was able to change the multi!!! wow was the nforce2 ultra chip set that can unlock this.. cool.. so i was attempting to try to sync fsb with ram and try 166*10 at first.. reboot.. before detecting ide'z this message i never saw before comes up and says that i cannot change the speed settings,(something along those lines)stopped responding.. reboot.. samething until i changed it to 133*11.5.. 11.5 being the stock multi. i was able to install xppro and then changed the fsb to 166..


looks like multi's are locked boys and girls... some of us have classics on our hands.. cherish them.. i'm out to sleep


'05 - athlon64 3200+ baby

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i don't think any of the motherboards can unlock the locked ones and as for how muich it will be able to oc that varies fromm computer to computer depending on teh ram and ur choice of heat sinks and what chip u end up gettting.

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