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Fallout 1,2,Tactics better than Fallout 3 + all of DLCs?

Fallout 1,2,Tactics better than Fallout 3 + all of DLCs?  

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  1. 1. Fallout 1,2,Tactics better than Fallout 3 + all of DLCs?

    • Fallout 1 is the best.
    • Fallout 2 is the best.
    • Fallout Tactics is the best.
    • Fallout 3 + DLC's is the best.
    • All Fallouts except 3 are the best.

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Wait am I missing something here? You said you don't like games that take no skill, yet you use VATS even though you could not be using it and actually having to go to cover and aim correctly :blink:



Don't say this game has no skill if you only use VATS. Re-read your posts, and then stop making comments that contradict each other.


To sum it up, you want games that you have to have skill to play yet you still take the easy way in them. :rolleyes:

U don't seem to understand very well huh? Why the hell should I waste my time when there is an easier way with vats. Not using them doesn't make u pro...doesn't improve fps skill. Why should I risk getting killed when I can just use vats? It's logic. The game isn't 100% fps so I can't use normal css or DM skill to fight. Shots depend on success rate...n how far/close u are to the mob. Nobody cares how u finish the game as long as u finish it. Same for Diablo 2, better use every trick u know or else u die. Same for speed runs of games that people do. Of course you don't have to use one or the other. Though in FO3's case, there is really nothing that would "tell" me "hey use this instead of that, it's worth it". Play it however u want, whatever. In the classic fallouts, vats and normal fighting is balanced. For one they are both the same mode of fighting and thats turn based. Then, you get what...6-7 ap max unless u make a character that gets lots of ap but it affects other stuff that ur char won't do as good. You probably don't know that as u prolly didn't play the first games. Anyway, forget this fallout stuff. Like I said, play ur games, I'll play mine.

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Ok, so you want to us CSS "skills"(AKA bunny hop quickly swap weapons and spray walls) and use it in every game? You call that skills?


Why do you even play Fallout if all you care about is the CSS "skills"


Tkrow21 what you said just about summed up about the whole entire thing :lol:

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