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2009 OCC Christmas Contest

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Oh man... What I wouldn't give to win that new comp..


But I know I won't. :(


Good luck anyways...

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As for the winners here they are:


Huge Congrats to RobAP


Grand Prize

  • AMD Phenom II 965 CPU (Supplied by OCC)
  • Gigabyte MA790XT-UD4P (Supplied by OCC)
  • 2 XFX 5850's in Crossfire (Supplied by XFX)
  • 8GB of DDR3 Memory (Supplied by Corsair)
  • 2 X 128GB SSD Drives in Raid 0 (Supplied by Corsair)
  • 1TB WD Harddive (Supplied by Bosco)
  • LG SATA DVDRW (Supplied by Bosco)
  • Obsidian 800D Case (Supplied by Corsair)
  • H50 CPU Liquid Cooling (Supplied by Corsair)
  • CMPSU-850HX PSU (Supplied by Corsair)
  • Win 7 Pro 64bit (Supplied by Bosco)


Runner up Prizes



4GB DDR2 Blackline Memory - Scott P

2 X 650 watt PSU's - muskie, Bigevil954



Element G Case - wildman2

Massive23 CS Notebook Cooler - InCrYsIs

BlacX Duet - mrsinister



5750 Video Card - Nasha



M4A78-HTPC Motherboard, - kuri

4890 Video Card - Balabah

P7P55D Deluxe Motherboard - crash

2 WL-500W Routers - ClayMeow, myhand

2 Axe Square CPU Coolers - 0o0, Savan



3 Fenrir CPU Coolers - Andrewr05, pezcore, TheHippi



Storm Sniper Black Case - Hyper

Storm Scout Case - nVidia_Freak

Storm Sentinel Advance Mouse - Fight Game



64GB Torqx SSD - Dariuas

DDR3 4GB Kit - J2T



5 GT 210 Video Cards - wevsspot, IVIYTH0S, Bandrew, Xly15, xchrissypoox



4GB DDR3 Memory Kit - RogerDeath



2 S1284 CPU Cooler's - My_Inner_Fred, viperk1

2 Dark Night CPU Coolers - greengiant912, MJCRO



Domino CPU Cooler - tkrow21



X4 750watt PSU - d0w0rk24



Lexa S Case - Nemo

Beta EVO Case - baz000ka j0e


Sigma -

2 Quantum Cases - XxHellxRaizerxX, rokkaholik

2 Skyline Cases - virus, rourkchris



Killer Nic Card - TropicalPreist



D14 CPU Cooler - ekiM

LapChilla Laptop Cooler - Waco

2 P14 140mm Fans and 2 S12B FLX 120mm Fans - WReXSTI

2 SWiF2 120mm PWM Fans and 2 SWiF 92mm PWM Fans - baldtcc



Xfighter Case - Coolmaster

B2 Case - bp9801

Ammo HD Enclosure. - kevinz90



R4 Case - f!ver

X7 Case - Bizzlenitch



P183 Case - Darkfuneral1337

850watt PSU - road-runner



ECS X58 Motherboard - cirro

ECS P55 Motherboard - ballist1x

MSI GT240 Video Card - Raidflex

Coolermaster N620 CPU Cooler - lobob420

Coolermaster TX3 CPU Cooler - Boinker

OCZ Behemoth Mouse - Krab


Being that its the holidays most companies are closed. CES starts Jan 5 or 6 for most companies so don't expect your prizes until the end of Jan. Some of you might get them sooner but like I said don't expect them until then. Please don't send me PM's and emails asking when your stuff is shipping. If you don't have your prize at by the end of Jan then at that time send me a PM or an email. On boxing day I will starting sending companies the winners info.


Congrats to all the winners.

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2 WL-500W Routers - ClayMeow, myhand

Sweet! Thanks, Dave!


It's funny because a wireless router was one of the few things I actually needed! I've had a laptop for a year and don't have a wireless router in my house....I've just been using a spare hardline that I already had ran up into my room. This will come in very handy, especially with my iPhone too!


Congrats to all the winners, especially RobAP!

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5 GT 210 Video Cards - wevsspot, IVIYTH0S, Bandrew, Xly15, xchrissypoox

Thank you very much I did not think I would win anything but this is awesome. Thank you. And congratulations to everyone else who won. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years everyone. Thanks Bosco and Palit and OCC.

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