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2009 OCC Christmas Contest


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Here we go guys and gals another year has gone by now its time to reward you with some cool stuff. First off thank you to all the companies that donated prizes, without you none of this would be possible. :)


I am going to start off by listing the companies that are involved. I will then list the prizes and finally what you have do to enter the contest. So here we go:



  • Corsair
  • XFX
  • Mushkin
  • Thermaltake
  • Sapphire
  • Asus
  • Titan
  • Coolermaster
  • Coolit
  • Ultra
  • NZXT
  • Antec
  • Xigmatek
  • Sigma
  • OCZ
  • Visiontek
  • Noctua/Coolink
  • Patriot
  • Inwin
  • GMC
  • Palit
  • OCC

Again thanks to all the companies that helped us out :)


As for the prizes here they are:


Grand Prize

    The Corsair and OCC Special :)
  • AMD Phenom II 965 CPU (Supplied by OCC)
  • Gigabyte MA790XT-UD4P (Supplied by OCC)
  • 2 XFX 5850's in Crossfire (Supplied by XFX)
  • 8GB of DDR3 Memory (Supplied by Corsair)
  • 2 X 128GB SSD Drives in Raid 0 (Supplied by Corsair)
  • 1TB WD Harddive (Supplied by Bosco)
  • LG SATA DVDRW (Supplied by Bosco)
  • Obsidian 800D Case (Supplied by Corsair)
  • H50 CPU Liquid Cooling (Supplied by Corsair)
  • CMPSU-850HX PSU (Supplied by Corsair)
  • Win 7 Pro 64bit (Supplied by Bosco)


Runner up Prizes


Mushkin - 1 set of DDR2 Blackline memory 4GB Kit and 2 650 watt PSU's.


Thermaltake - Element G Case, Massive23 CS Notebook Cooler and BlacX Duet.


Sapphire - 5750 Video Card


Asus - M4A78-HTPC Motherboard, 4890 Video Card, P7P55D Deluxe Motherboard, 2 WL-500W Routers and 2 Axe Square CPU Coolers.


Titan - 3 Fenrir CPU Coolers.


Coolermaster - Storm Sniper Black Case, Storm Scout Case, Storm Sentinel Advance Mouse.


Patriot - 64GB Torqx SSD and a DDR3 4GB Kit.


Palit - 5 GT 210 Video Cards.


OCZ - 4GB DDR3 Memory Kit.


Xigmatek - 2 S1284 CPU Cooler's and 2 Dark Night CPU Coolers.


Coolit - Domino CPU Cooler.


Ultra - X4 750watt PSU.


NZXT - Lexa S Case and Beta EVO Case.


Sigma - 2 Quantum Cases and 2 Skyline Cases.


Visiontek - Killer Nic Card.


Noctua/Coolink - D14 CPU Cooler, LapChilla Laptop Cooler, 2 P14 140mm Fans, 2 S12B FLX 120mm Fans, 2 SWiF2 120mm PWM Fans and 2 SWiF 92mm PWM Fans.


Inwin - Xfighter Case, B2 Case, Ammo HD Enclosure.


GMC - R4 Case and X7 Case.


Antec - P183 Case and a 850watt PSU.


OCC - ECS X58 Motherboard, ECS P55 Motherboard, MSI GT240 Video Card, Coolermaster N620 CPU Cooler, Coolermaster TX3 CPU Cooler, OCZ Behemoth Mouse.


Total 65 Prizes




To be entered into the contest here is what you have to do. Send an email to [email protected]


Subject line will say 2009 OCC Christmas Contest


In the message body will have your info example below:


Username: Bosco



Dave Rattray

1256 Jones Road

Seattle Washington 99026



My Favorite OCC review is: http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/sapphire_4870x2/


So in a nutshell your OCC username (must be a member of the forums), shipping info (name, complete address, and phone) AND your favorite review from OCC is what I am looking for. If your email is not close to the above it will not be accepted. One Entry allowed only.


Now here is the catch:


For the email you get one entry. If you become a fan of OCC on Facebook you get another entry. If you sign up for the OCC newsletter you will get another entry. So total with everything you have a chance of 3 entries. We'll match the name on your email entry to the Facebook account, and the email used for the newsletter. If you use a different name, alias or email then let us know. :) All staff are allowed to enter except reviewers. Contest is open world wide.


If you have any questions let me know good luck to everyone contest ends on Dec 24th sometime in the evening.



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lots of pretty prizes good luck all! i became a fan of occ on facebook... but my facebook is registered to another email similar to my sn... do i have to do anything else?


Point that out in your email when you send and what name or email address I should look for.


Nice prizes! ^_^


I assume staff aren't eligible?


I just edited that part in the first post my bad sorry about that.

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