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Nation's Best Burgers!

Best Burgers?  

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  1. 1. Best Burgers?

    • Five Guys
    • Culvers
    • In-N-Out
    • Other
    • Red Robin

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So title says it all.


I personally have a few favs.


For local Burgers nobody really dose it better than Culvers! I hear they are really expanding alot across the country so you should give the famous Butterburger a shot!



When I am in California there is nothing better than In-N-Out! First bite and I was hooked, they cut their own fries, use fresh meat, and are made to order!


On the east coast some might say that Five Guys is the In-and-out of the eastcoast. I went to Five guys for the first time the other day, and didn't really get to enjoy my burger as it landed on my car floor on the way home lol... But their burgers are prepared just like In-N-Out, and their fries are cut freshly and imo are a little bit better than In-N-Outs.


These are personally my top favs for burger joints across the country.

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Five Guys is not bad, I've only eaten at the one in Dulles airport waiting for my plane, so that's probably not the best way to enjoy a burger.


If you ever get a chance you should try Fat Mo's - unfortunately they haven't expanded beyond the Nashville area yet.

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Of the listed Five Guys is the only one I know of, why isn't Mcdonalds on there??

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Because McDonald's burgers are the absolute worst. I once did a taste test between McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's and with McDonald's it felt like I was eating cardboard.


I've been meaning to try Five Guys but just haven't gotten around to it. I've never even heard of Culver's, let alone been there. However, based on the website, it looks a lot like Red Robin, and I really do enjoy their burgers. So I would say In N Out for fast food and Red Robin for gourmet burgers.

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i was hoping nobody was voting for culvers, they disgust me. even the name "butter-burger" is displeasing.

not to mention it costs more than anything of its quality should.


who in their right mind. has a big burger in front of them and go "man i hope i can taste the butter" or "man alli need is some of that butta"


-edit- i didn't really add a vote, since i picked other..

i happen to like the odd selection of burgers @ ruby tuesday's (still kinda expensive)


red robin isnt bad but once again the price tag (at least here) is off the charts



in the end, if you have the proper items to put on your burger,

NOTHING beats a good old charcol grill IMO!

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I vote other, Burger Time has they most amazing burgers that I would call a burger joint. 5 dollars buys you a big, well seasoned burger with cheese, a good amount of fries and a milk shake. Only one of them that I know of but if you are ever in Detroit Lakes MN go and be amazed. Then head down to the original Zorba's and get some great thin crust pizza and beer.


Paul Bunyan Sub Shop Bemidji MN has the single best sandwiches i have ever had. $9 for a foot long (they are closer to 16inches) but they are amazing.


The Lucky Moose Bar & Grill in Walker has really good food too.


I'm just rambling, I am really hungry right now.

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Big Boy has the best Pizza Burgers ever, and there chicken is 10x better tasting than KFC and it costs less too.

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