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Athlons And P4 Cases

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What do you mean by P4 ready? Is that the power supply? As long as it is a ATX ya it will work. <_<

P4 ready power supplies are the supplies that have the 12v (4pin square connector, see pic below) that some P4 motherboards require. There is also an additional connector that a P4 PS should have, for the same reason.


I believe having read recently that there are even some Athlon motherboards out there right now that take advantage of that connector.


So the answer, SilenthillNight, is that, yes, you can use an Athlon XP cpu and mobo in a p4 ready case without worries.




BTW, I tried to post the pic as LinuxProx was saying in that pinned post, but that feature is not available i guess, there is no File attachment or browse button...

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