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Redoing cluttered server room

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now my boss is asking me to buy more hdds, so that he can pull the hdds after they get flashed with all the stuff and keep at his house.


This just makes me cringe... Horrible idea, you never never want to store data at your house. What happens if you have a fire? or if you get robbed? A better idea would be to use an offsite storage option for your backups. There are likely local options that will come and pickup your backups and securely transport them to a secure facility.


Have you looked into tape options for backup?



Also Nano - Halon system's are outlawed now, only grandfather systems still exist. As Halon removes all the air from the room it is considered very unsafe especially if someone happens to be in the room. You don't want that... I would never use a Halon system, as the value and risk of life is to high.

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Ok, so over the weekend I installed the Thecus NAS to our router. I have setup some of the stuff including the Raid Configuration. I went with a Raid 5 and stripe size 128bit. Also, I setup the FTS so that we can create a file on the network place so that stuff can be backed up on. Now heres the question. The Thecus came with Drive Clone5 Pro. I installed it on my computer and am backing up my computer. But I need to setup the servers to backup to the Thecus and I need the users to be able to backup specific material directly to the NAS. However, it seems that the software provided with this unit is only limited to a single computer? What options do I have available to setup the servers to backup to the NAS? Should I have installed the Driver Clone5 Pro onto one of the servers instead?


Recap of what I need to do:


Backup servers to NAS and setup all user computers to backup regularly. Do I need the Driver Clone5 Pro software or can this be done differently?



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