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My hard drive storage setup


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This is my current hard drive setup. Im looking for the best possible setup for loading speeds.


:C and :D drive are in raid 0 partitioned. E is a single drive. Specs in sig.


On my C drive i have my windows instillation, all of my downloads (music, videos, .iso's, and other various larger media files).


On my :D drive i have been installing all of my applications and games.


My E: drive is just my backup from my various reformatting of my raid setup. Now im thinking about adding this 400gb drive to my raid 0 array and back up onto DL DVD's. The raid array will only be as big as the biggest drive correct?


How much risk is this putting me in for drive failure and massive data loss? Or should i not risk it, buy one big hd and go raid 0+1?


How should i setup my partition and where i save files and what not.



My 320's are Barracuda ES edition and my 400 is a 7200.10














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