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Nvidia Harassing Intel With Cartoons


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Ever since Nvidia launched its Ion integrated graphics platform in a move that was likened by the company's CEO to "opening a can of whoop-butt" against Intel, and the two companies have been in an ongoing battle.


Following Ion's launch, Intel announced it own discrete graphics card, Larrabee, then slapped Nvidia with a lawsuit claiming that the two companies' mutual license agreements did not allow Nvidia it to build motherboards for Nehalem processors, or other Intel processors with an integrated memory controller.


Nvidia responded by a countersuit, requesting the termination of the cross-license agreement altogether, and as a result halting the production of Intel's integrated graphics offerings.


Nvidia decided to cease the opportunity to take a jab at its nemesis in a funny - and slightly humiliating - way, by launching a new site, Intel's Insides, which it hosts and is using as a artistic podium to accuse Intel of alleged illegal activity.






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