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Memory & PSU Question

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I've been having random blue screens of death with Win 7 lately. I thought it was the RAM but it passes all the tests but, when the computer tries to reboot it will just sit there. There never is a post screen. I have to reset the CMOS. If I remove one stick of the memory it will sometimes boot, but not always and it does not seem to matter which stick is in or what slot I install into. I called Crucial and the guy said my PSU was underpowered? He said the Ballistix modules need to pull 160 watts! I have disabled my overclock since this began...it still occurs. Can someone help me out here. I would appreciate it as it is becoming very frustrating.


Edit: The computer has been stable so far with 5-5-5-12 timings on the memory. Why wouldn't I be able to run them at stock? I am still not overclocking though.

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If you have a multi-meter I would still recommend testing your rails!


Other than that, have you installed any updated drivers for your system? If so, you can roll back to your previous drivers and see if that helps.


How long have you had W7 installed as your new OS?


Another thing, how old is your motherboard? The Cmos battery may becoming weak?

Or you may have slight corruption in your bios chip? A reflash might help there.


But it sounds like you've done well to rule out bad memory.


No idea what's wrong here.. But I am sure the Crucial guy is an absolute nutter!!


LOL....I agree!


More info on your hardware specs would be helpful also!






One last thing, how long has it been since you've gotten inside your case and blown it out?


Best of luck to you


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+1 for Inteller, redo the system connections.. blow the case.. reinstall OS.. flash BIOS upgrade/rollback drivers.. Call the antec guy if you like.. or trying using another PSU..

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