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Cool 15" Case

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First post to OCC but I've been following for quite sometime. I just got this case from cocoon innovations. It's pretty cool made out of this hard but not too hard case. It also has something called the grid-it system which you'll see in the pics.




This is what the bag looks like I'm 5'9" to give you some sort of prespective.




Here's all my stuff - 15"macbook Pro, flip mino hd, iphone, blackberry, sunglasses, biz cards, pens, glasses cleaner, listerine strips, small bottle of tylenol, mini screw driver, checkbook and my watch.




Here's all my stuff in the grid-it. There are these rubber strips woven into the elastic straps that hold everything, so everything is in there pretty tight. I have yet to have anything fall out.




Here is my macbook pro. There are two straps (made out of the same material that the grid-it straps are made out of) and then on the back of the case (which you can't see) are two rubber pads that cushion the laptop.




Here is a shot so you can see how everything fits in the bag.


All in all the bag is awesome and the grid-it is great because I'm pretty neat. It does come with a shoulder strap but I don't use it.


I'm pretty sure they also have netbook cases but I'm not sure.

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