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Newer Nvidia Drivers Limiting my Resolution

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I also own a DS-263N and have had this problem beginning with Win7 RC and talked to EVGA and Nvidia at length regarding this issue and since Win7 was only a RC. In the end, they didn't seem to know why or care.


I, of course, knew what the results would be once I began installing Win7 Ultimate Retail the other night. Yes, 186.18 is the last working drivers for my DoubleSight/GTX 280 (x2 SLI or not, doesn't matter) combo. Yes, I too can add 1920x1080 and it does work, but looks "stretched" due to monitor scaling.


You are not alone. My next move is to call DoubleSight.


Good luck.. Will post any fix if found...


Ugh, its a shame too cause its a very nice monitor. I would appreciate you keeping me updated on how your quest for a fix goes. Something to note: when i made my own monitor profile using powerstrip, then told it to use it, i was able to switch to 1920x1200 but the screen was all jittery and there were some artifacts so i must not have set up all the timings correctly. But if that is the case perhaps a correctly set up custom monitor .inf could fix the issue. I just dont know enough about monitors and INFs and timings etc to do it myself.


I wonder if the DS-265W(the new version of our monitor) has the same issue


I did find a post on the nvidia forums about it...too bad they have been down for like a week. But here is the cashed version:

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Well, I got my reply from DoubleSight. Yes, it was a brush off.






From: Greg Byrd

Sent: Sunday, November 01, 2009 11:55 AM

To: '[email protected]'

Subject: DS-263N - Nvidia Drivers





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I got a reply MUCH quicker than my original email this time. I guess she felt she had to explain herself. I think it's amazing how they have not had a contact at Nvidia..







You heard from me because the answer was not going to be all that positive and I choose not to make my support team be the bearer of that.


I am sure the problem can be reproduced as well. But reproducing the problem will not move either of us closer to a solution since regardless of the problem DoubleSight cannot develop drivers for the Nvidia product.


DoubleSight does not have a contact at Nvidia since we do not work with them directly as would a PC or MB manufacturer, although I did send an email to them asking for a point of contact. In addition, our Product Manager in Korea is doing similar research on his end. I just did not announce that in my email. But I can tell you that I am confident that Nvidia is getting slammed with support inquiries and complaints at the moment and I do not expect to hear from them in the immediate future. Regardless of how much prerelease testing goes on, glitches often show up after release of a new operating system.


What I do think would is the appropriate course of action for you is to contact Nvidia and Microsoft support which is your right as a customer. I also feel that some of the independent forums may offer faster tips and fixes.


I am sorry that we have lost you as a customer.




Dario DellaMaggiore

Director of Sales & Marketing




sales: 877.896.5237

office: 949.253.1535 ext 214

web: www.doublesight.com

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I managed to fix the problem with a registry edit....i found this info scattered across a few diff sites so i will post a customized version (for the DS-263n) here for reference.


Regedit Method:

1. Open Regedit by going to Start->Run and typing regedit and clicking OK.

2. By clicking the proper + signs (arrow symbols in Vista) and expanding the "folders", navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Video\

You should see several folders that look something like {6FAC39BF-E40A-49C7-AD93-62C3132BEB5C}. This string of numbers and letters is called a GUID. You need to open each one of those GUIDs and look for the one that contains subfolders "0000" and "0001" which in turn contain the subfolders "Display", "Settings", "Uninstall", and "VolatileSettings". The GUID containing all these folders is the current GUID. This is random for every machine so this is why you have to find it yourself.

3. Under the current GUID, right click the "0000" folder and select "Copy Key Name". (We don't need to worry about the "0001" folder as it is just a mirror of the "0000" folder).



4. Open Notepad and paste the key you just copied. Put square brackets around it and insert a line at the very top that says REGEDIT4.

5. Add a line at the bottom and copy and paste the following text into it.





The first 4 bytes (0E,0C,8D,88) in my OverrideEdidFlags0 are specific to this monitor. For other monitors with this problem, you will need to replace them. Using Phoenix EDID Designer, run it, go to tools, click extract registery edid. Then go to tools again and hit byte viewer. The bytes are in byte 8 through 11. (the line of numbers across the top) I would suggest doing this to verify that the numbers match up for you all also.



6. It should look something like this (the only difference would be your GUID as that is custom to your computer, and the first 4 set of the hex if you have a monitor thats not the DS-263N)




7. Go to File-Save As, change Save As Type to "All Files", and name the file OverrideEDIDFlags.reg (the name isn't important but the .reg extension is) and save it to your Documents or Desktop.

8. Double click the OverrideEDIDFlags.reg file you just created and say Yes to add it to the registry.

9. Restart. You should now have a properly functioning full resolution monitor, with no overscan, incorrect modes, interlacing or other bullcrap the NVIDIA drivers try to do when it thinks it's hooked up to an HDTV instead of a monitor

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Wow!! The BEST Christmas gift I'm likely to get this year!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


I think DoubleSight owes you a beer and a steak if you're old enough, at least.


Happy Holidays!!

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Nice, glad it worked for you too. Happy Holidays. I sent a bug report to nvidia about the issue and how to fix it so hopefully their future drivers will eventually not have this problem.


Suppose i ought to send it to Doublesight too so they can use it as a work around until nvidia gets it fixed.

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