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Can't play in 1280x720 in HD4670 512MB GDDR3

Games Goblin

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Hi all


I just bought a 4670 and installed the latest drivers (I am on Windows 7 x64)


But whenever I set a game's resolution to 1280x720 with HUGE borders at the top and bottom of the screen ( I tried this in NFS:Shift and Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Demo), it goes to 1280x1024. 1680x1050 resolution works fine.


My monitor is a Dell SP2208WFP. It has a maximum refresh rate of 60 Hz. I tried Forcing the refresh rate to 60 hz in the catalyst control center, but still the same problem


Please help!


UPDATE: I also noticed that if I change my desktop resolution to 1280x720 - the same problem occurs - it changes to 1280x1024 with huge borders. All drivers are updated (including the monitors) and all updates are installed. I had an XFX nvidia 8600GT 256MB GDDR3 card before and 1280x720 resolution worked fine on that card in Windows 7.


UPDATE 2: This problem was solved by torrentg at sevenforums.com. Here is torrentg's solution:


Monitor's native res is 1680x1050. 1680 divided by 1050 = 1.6 = 16:10 aspect ratio


Choosing any non 16:10 aspect ratio will correctly leave black borders. Nothing is wrong and function is as supposed to be.


If you want to play games without borders, always choose a 16:10 resolution.






If you use other resolutions, you will have to stretch the screen out (possibly with driver app) and that will cause a distortion in proper aspect ratio. A square will not be square, rather, rectangle.


Advice is to play under resolutions above.


1280x720 is 16:9 ratio.

Some games, you can choose resolution and also the aspect ratio you want to use. In this case, always choose 16:10.

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