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Can't Figure It Out


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well here it is i have used win98 for years and now i went to xp pro and i cant get the 2 compters to see each other. i now have xp on both but i could get the network to work when i had 98 on one an xp on the other but now with xp on both it wont work, i feel stupid i tried everything execpt what needs to be done.

can someone give me a quick explantion on setting up my home network

with xp i havent learned xp all that great yet


i have a switch the internet plugs into the switch .no router or hub it worked great on win98 and i havent changed anything execpt i put xp on the other comp.

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Can you ping the systems? Do they have different names? Are they in the same workgroup? Can they all access the internet? Did you run the home networking wizard? Is the XP firewall enabled/disabled? QoS?

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this is how it is..


Go in to ur properitys on the network..

Go to were the group name is.. "Workgroup" is normally default..

Change it to something you like..

now go on the other comp Make sure it has the same name..

CHange the comp names to something you like.. make sure each comp has a differnt name..


Make sure you have File Sharing Enabled..

Make sure both cards are set to AutoSense.. sometimes if one is a differ speed they dont like to see each other..


File system does not matter.. like Posey said..


WinXP From what I have experanced is a whore when it comes to networking..


Switch to 2kPro :)


BUt yeah those tidbits should help...


Oh yeah..

1 more thing

Go in to control pannel.. go in to passwds or Users.. I think its called

and Add the username of the other computer to the oppsite comp.. and then do it to the other machine..

so now ur network knows there will be a user.. "Blah" that will be on the network trying to connect to you..


and that should help :)

if you dont want a password set.. just hit enter when it says choose a passwd.. but I would recommend passwording it if u go to lanpartys n stuff..


well with people you dont trust anyways :)



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danx :)


I try..


Ive been screwing with networking for so long..

this thing always acts up.. its impossible lol..


I think my router is dying.. I will come home from work and I wont beable to get online.. and I wont beable to see anyone..

so I unplug the routher from the socket for about 1 min.. plug it back it..


and vola... its all good again lol..


I dunno..


I lub my hub though.. D-Link 8 POrt 10/100 Auto Switch

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well i tried it all and nothing works so now i am thinking about formatting this computer and starting over. also i want to switch to the ntfs file system so it wont be a waste of time


thanks for the replies

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