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Odd things with MemTest-84 v3.4 vs v3.5

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To start, Windows XP can't complete a user log on. STOP 8x000000e something like that...

XP will start in safe mode, with network support.


I have tried different ... everything, including the MB, CPU, PSU, Gfx crd,


Here is the bizarre thing.


Running Memtest v3.5 with 2 GB of Ram, either pair of slots, FINE

Running v3.5 with 4 results in a restart before it finishes the second test.

Now running v3.4 test, 4% after 5 min, so I will see if v3.4 runs into the same problem.


Since I am getting the re-start with Memtest, I am thinking it is a hard ware problem, but I have changed out all the hardware and still have the same problem with Memtest and with xp logon.




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