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My current build

Scott P

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I posted a few months ago in regards to a small quiet build. It has evolved into something more traditional. I would still prefer a quiet machine, but I have moved it to a mid-tower ATX size. I do not game a lot, if at all. However, Starcraft II will be purchased when it is released. I also will be using AutoCAD 2010, so it does need some chops. The previous recommendations circulated around a Phenom II X4 base. I have since moved my focus over to the Intel i5 platform.


Here is what I've been thinking about.


i5 750 Lynnfield

Gigabyte GA-P55-UD4P Motherboard

Kingston HyperX 4 GB KHX1600C8D3K2/4GX - Based on the good review on this site

Sapphire 4850X2 video card purchased on these forums

WD Caviar Black Hard Drive

Coolermaster Sileo 500 Case Subject to change

PSU - to be determined


There are still a few holes to fill. The case is tough as I want something sleek, classy and preferably smaller. However, I would like to have room for the larger video cards. I have hit Fry's a few times to look them over and will probably do so again. As far as a PSU goes, I am still looking. I am leaning towards a modular Corsair unit that is 80+ certified. I'm just watching the sales to see what comes up. I could use some help in regards to power needs. I just don't know how much power I really need. I do not want to over-buy.


Any thoughts in regards to what I have listed?

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The 4850X2 will need about 200~250W at full throttle but if your not a gamer then you'll never hit that power level.


If there's a chance you could get into gaming in the future and to keep power supply cooling fan noise levels down to a minimum I'd recommend something in the 600~750W range.


The Cosair HX range are worth a look, the HX750W was excellent but more than you need (don't let that stop you if funds permit) so perhaps the HX620W could fit the bill.





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