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First REAL OC ram wont operate at stock speeds

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Hi long time reader first post in a long time, :thumbs-up:


I decided to OC my Dragon System PII X3 720 BE (first real CPU OC ever) I went and bought A new cooler the CoolerMaster Hyper TX3 90mm and installed it and now I can't put my ram at stock speeds. I manually put all the ram info in the BIOS the same values that worked just fine for a while now. I don't understand how just changing the cooler would make my system not boot at stock settings It would just go to the ASUS post screen saying that my OC had failed even though I wasn't OC at this point.

(DDR3 1333 OCZ HPC 6-6-6-20 2*2GB Dual channel)

I had to under clock the ram to 1066 to get it to boot.

So after being annoyed by the fact that I spent $$ and had to tare apart my tower to install every thing and that CoolerMaster gives you essentially bent paper clips to install the CPU fan and I had to look up a video and watch It like 5 times to figure how to install the CPU fan I decided to keep the ram at 1066 and up the FSB.

I got it to CPU 15*225 3375Mhz @ 1.400v and the Ram 1200Mhz 6-6-6-20 1.76v (stock volts) Stable using OCCT , Prime 95, Folding @ home And playing games for a long while. All temps are good

CPU Core *3 = 19 idol 28 load Motherboard = 30 idol 33 load


One thing I did notice was before the cooler the CPU volts were around 1.3 (BIOS auto set) and after the cooler the CPU volts were 1.425 (BIOS auto set)

I got paranoid and lowered it to 1.4v


I am not sure if its just me but the system doesn't seam that much faster not sure if I was just expecting to much like some thing from minority report or some thing



Now my questions are

1.how can I get my ram at the stock 1333 and boot so I can OC the ram to 1400+

2.Why did it get all weird when all I did was change the cooling

3.is their a noticeable performance hit from DDR3 1333 to 1200 with the CPU overclocked

4. Why is the DRAM : Ratio different in everest from CPU-Z (everest = 16.6 CPU-Z = 3.8)

5. How is this as my first real CPU OC (good /bad/ok?)


Thanks for reading this the system Info is as follows






Everest 1


Everest 2





System spec:

Antec 900 (2 front fans at medium top and rear at hi)

ASUS M4A78T-E MB (September 09 BIOS)

AMD PII X3 720 BE @ 3375Mhz 15*225 1.400v

CoolerMaster Hyper TX3 90mm

OCZ Reaper HPC 10666 DDR3 1333Mhz 6-6-6-20 @ 1200Mhz 6-6-6-20 1.76v

Sapphire HD4870 Toxic 1Gb DDR5 805/1015

West digital 640Gb Blue 7200 Sata3 16Mb

West digital 1Tb Green 7200 Sata3 8Mb

LG DVD combo Drive Sata3

Corsair 520HX 520w

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