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Weird response to my for sale ad


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Ok i just wanted your guys opinion on this transaction i have been asked to do. I am selling a 6 channel home theater receiver on a local website. I was contacted by a women i presume who wants me to ship it to nigeria for her fiance who works at customs. I will let you guys see some of the email she sent me and let me know what you think.


Thanks for getting back to me,Actually I live in Ontario but I'mpresently out of town now to complete a business in UK and I wont beback until 4months and I want to purchase this item for my Fianceworking at Canadian Embassy in Nigeria,Shipping the Item to him inNigeria is $190.00 CAD via Canada Post Parcel Airmail cos I haveonce sent him such an item mid last year before it got missing,Myform of payment would be via PayPal cos its easy and safe two partiesin transaction so I want you to send me your PayPal money request orsimply get back to me with the total cost of the item plus postagecost and your PayPal email ID so that I can transfer the fund for youeffectively..I look forward to hearing from you soon.


That was the first one i got from her after her initial interest. Does it sound legit?


I live in Alberta Canada and she is from Ontario and currently on business in the UK and wants me to ship it down to Nigeria.


I want to believe her but what do you guys think?

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