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Crucial Ballistix Tracer ddr3 showing different timings...what the hec

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So my ballistix tracers ddr3 2x1GB are showing 9-9-9-24 timing. The stock timings though are actualy 6-6-6-20.


Now in newegg where I bought my ram ppl say about differnet models of crucial ballistix that they had some kind of failsafe thing and that you would have to manualy overclock to the stock speeds. My model is a little different since it's Crucial Ballistix "Tracer", and not Crucial Ballistix, so I'm not sure if that thing with the overclocking goes for this model aswell since there aren't any reviews for it at newegg.


Does anyone have any information about this...should I leave it as it is or should I overclock it to the timing stated in newegg.


Is 9-9-9-24 better than 6-6-6-20?...


(I'm not that good with ram timings :P )

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