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DFI's new Hybrid motherboard for gaming/server

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Q: What is it?

A: It's a hybrid motherboard supporting P45 and Atom/Ion.


At first when I saw it, I really didn't see much of a benefit until watching the video halfway through.

Some examples of the benefits:

Say you just finished your gaming and you just want to run your BT program to upload family photos. You could shut off the main P45 (power hungry) system and leave the Atom/Ion running the BT client for you. You would save a lot of power simply from this alone. I always leave my gaming rig on when doing small stuff like this and it shows up in the power bill.


Say your busy on the computer and someone wants to use the internet. Well you could let them use the Atom/Ion side on a separate I/O setup.


Say you want to run a HTPC, but you don't want it running off of your main PC (power hungry again
) you could just use the Atom/Ion as the HTPC and get the same results in terms of HD playback and less noise.


  • Hybrid P45 and Atom/Ion on one motherboard
  • Can power off either system ( Atom/Ion runs 30w on idle )
  • They can share USB ports, but have separate monitor, keyboard, audio, and mouse
  • DFI includes a switch for swapping in between the two systems (video and audio can be swapped interchangeability)
  • The system could be used by two separate people ( One gaming on the P45 and another web browsing on the Atom/Ion )


  • Would it be better to run a separate Atom/Ion system instead? (Can't answer this one until the price is released, but that's only in terms of price)
  • Mobility of the light Atom/Ion system (Since its on the same motherboard it might get a little crowded on a desk if your using it as a two person setup. Also you can't just take it anywhere in the house like with a netbook or mini PC)
  • Cool idea, but possibility better performance from two separate systems.

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DFI says it'll be available by the end of October or early November for $399 ;)


It's nice, but I'd like to see a P55 chipset instead which should be easier to engineer since they essentially lose the northbridge.

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