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ATI 4850 Card failure/ crashes cpu?!?

Assassin X

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lol. I'm back already! Upgraded my computer with some stuff per much advice and looking around and for some reason my computer is freaking out about using the ATI 4850! Heres my specs followed by a step by step of what happened:

-NOW have 9 Fans

-Massive heatsink/fan added on CPU.

-ATI RADEON HD 4850 1GB DDR3 PCI Express Graphics Card

-650 Watt Antec Power Supply.

-G9X Mouse

-Quad Core AMD Phenom X4 9750

-8GB Ram

-750 Gig HD

-Windows Vista.

-A basic sound card

-Tons of ports

-CD/DVD-DL Lightsribe writer

-SATA based computer


Well after I put everything on (and double checking, and triple checking) I started it up and first there was a old 8-bit computer sounding buzz, then my video card flashed a red light. So I turned off the computer.


I turned on PC. Still heard buzzing, red light on card and then a few seconds later it said "CPU Failed". So I turned it off. I know CPU failed doesn't always mean the CPU is dead, could be something else such as why the card is flashing.


So I took out the card and turned on pc...BOOM. Pc starts fine! Grant it it still makes that weird buzz when it starts. So why won't that video card work? I meet and surpass the requirements! Is it vista? Maybe because I have onboard video? Maybe its cause its just a crappy HP machine! I can't figure it out.

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Fixed it. Apparently I wasn't bright enough to uninstall my integrated video card. I never had one before so I didn't know you could! Inset giant "L" on my forehead! >.< Now everything is fine. Card works and CPU is fine (ran test).

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