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Sapphire 5870 Contest

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Because people want more performance. We all know your miserly concerns and truthfully it has run its course, Its old hat , the same thing in every thread. We know this card is not for you because you would be happy with an old 4850 running 1280x1024 because thas "ALL you need" The old saying is "IF you can't stand the heat get outta tha Kitchen" ! I think that applies here!


Technology drives innovation. I am assuming you would be happy with a Pinto because thats "All you need" to get from point A to point B


If I wanted this card I would buy the case or whatever it took. I paid for a new case, power supply and motherboard when I went Crossfire on the 1900XTs a few years back. Not to mention the $1100 for the 2 cards! It was not what I needed it was what I WANTED. Did I need a CM Stacker 810, did I need a new power supply , did I need a motherboard or the video cards? I wanted a certain level of graphics performance and I bought what I needed to get it. Period! You still cant get past the here and now. Whats sufficient now is not what will be in 6 months or a years time.


Not everyone is in your financial box. If you are on your self described 6 month upgrade schedule thats great but you give information to people who are going to be with their system for YEARS not months! Its poor advise when they must throw good money after bad when they cant play a game unless they drop the resolution and graphic detail in a years time. "This guy on OCC said I would be fine" is the thought in their head as they spend their money on a new card. Not everyone is YOU! Repeating the same drivel over and over in every video card thread is counter productive! Get over it already!


Rant over till the next thread!

From a few pages back but idc... You just evaluated the whole reason why I have 2 4870 1gigs in CF.... I sure as heck don't need it but I wanted it so I have it. What I do know is if I can afford 2 5870's then I can afford at least a 26" monitor.


Sapphire Rocks... < betting it doesn't count though since I'm staff?

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