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Help overclocking my QX6800


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hello OCclub, this is my first post (thought i have been here since 08),



im a total noob with oc, still i have the basic things of overclocking such as fsb, voltajes etc, i could reach 3.2ghz with an "auto oc" in my bios settings, but more than that the pc will not boot, now i need to change voltajes, i readed this mini-guide [p]'s Nvidia 780i Overclocking Guide. wich helped me alot, but still i need a quick answer for what use in "cpu PLL" and "cpu VTT"



here is a reference pic of my voltajes menu :












PD : my hardware


inte QX6800

asus striker II formula (ddr2)

ocz reaper at 1066 mhz



thanks in advance !!

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