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Yeah this is Disturbing...

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I have a story about a sweet lookin scar on my left calf, looks like a bear got a hold of me.


I remember once I was doing some gardening on the roof of this old building (seriously, a single story building with flowers and stuff on top of it) and I had started to break up the soil with a hoe and I backed up to close to the edge and stepped off. I hit the ground hard on my side and knocked the wind out of myself, my dad saw and came running. I managed to catch my breath and stand up clutching my side (I broke 2 ribs but didn't know it yet) and started walking to the truck in a daze that is when my dad got to me. He asked me if I was alright and I said I was gonna be ok. Then he asked me if my leg hurt, I replied with "why would my leg...holy s*** get the super glue". I landed on a PVC pipe and crushed it with my leg, the resulting 4 cuts were fairly deep and about 4 inches long. Bleeding profusely I hopped in the truck and we proceeded to blow a tire backing over my garden hoe /facepalm.


So I bandaged my leg and we hoofed it for a half mile and found someone who was willing to bring me to town. I bought some glue and fixed myself up, I didn't let my dad because he is clumsy and would end up gluing himself to my leg. A couple days later I went to the doctor because my ribs still hurt and found out I should have gone earlier and gotten some pain killers.


The blood that came out of my leg almost ruined the shoe I was wearing. Bad day.

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that wasn't as disgusting as the gastric bypass procedure we watched @ skool

gawd was that disgusting


and for you gore freaks, i suggest you watch the story of ricki oh

now that some good ****

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