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am HD failure and repair


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well what can i say? i woke up this morning early like 5:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. i went out to the front of the house to get a drink and see what the morning looks like and noticed the folding machine was making a peculiar sound i.e. running at full speed (not under load) and it had a little sorta squeak sound too. so like any geek would do i turned the monitor back on and the problem was immediatly clear,

that hated message on screen....

"boot device failure, press cntrl, alt, delete to configure boot device priority"

we all know what that means, but i'm a knucklehead so after several failed attempts to get the system to find the lost/missing hd i gave up and tore the thing down and replaced the old, tired pata 160gig wd with the brand new virgin 1tb f1 spinpoint i was saving for my new gaming configuration. so w7 is reloaded and the thing is smokin fast again. all thats left to do is go find the stuff i had gathered from the web like cpu-z, real temp, folding and web pages in my favorites folder.

the whole process took about an hour i guess and so far the only problem i have is what in the he** to do with an entire tb of hd in this silly little machine?

\crazy man crazy/







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