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Harddrive(s) not seen on PCI/IDE card after XP install.

Assassin X

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After my recent C: (master) drive crash I bought a new drive and installed XP, updated it...etc. Well my 3rd drive is attached through a PCI/IDE card. It always worked before. Now after this new install of XP on the new drive for some reason the system doesn't see the 3rd drive hooked up through my PCI/IDE card! However it does see the card. For refrence its a "UltraATA 133 PCI" card.


Now I did try new cables and even bought a new version of the card thinking that was it, I even installed the drivers again. Nothing mattered. I even switched the 2nd and 3rd harddrives. It then didn't see the 2nd HD which was on the PCI/IDE card. So obviously I think it has something to do with Windows since no matter what drive I put on that card it doesn't see it (but still sees the card).


Any ideas? Maybe I corrupt installed file of Windows or something?

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