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Nyrem's in the occlub =D


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Hey im Nyrem and if you want to know Whats the "C" for... it stands for Coke :rolleyes: Lulz


So im 15 and live in germany but HOLD ON im not german... im French x] (i know its not everyday you see a french guy speaking engish) i REALLY want to learn how to overclock PROPERLY because i know its in the bios etc but i never went to touch anything CPU related in it because i dont know how to reconise the multiplicators so i wuz(was) scared to crap up my lovely cpu =D anyways im Newb to overclocking and i accept donations in form of tips =D (money is welcome xD) as a result... i hope im welcome


PS: Mah(my) Rig:


CPU| AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ @ Stock (2.89ghz)--want to oc it to--> 3.2ghz

GPU| Nvidia 9500gt 1Gb---------------------------------soon--> Ati HD 4870 1gb


RAM| Dual Channel DDR2 2x2Gb(4Gb) 400Mhz

HDD| Seagate S-ATA II 250gb

Power Supply| 550W

OS| Windows XP pro 32Bit------------------------------soon--> Windows se7en Ultimate 64Bit

LCD| Belinea LCD 19" (with dvi/vga/sound IN)

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ok thx for your tips guys


i think i will not upgrade my ram (thx to smith) and upgrade my graphic card first ! cause my actual 9500gt sux like ... (yeh that much that i cant find anything to compare it to)


for my cpu i think if i OC it i will not have any problems with crysis but im still gonna buy a phenom II x4 940 sometime when money grows on trees


and for my (very new asus) i JUSt buyd it on ebay didnt even recived it so i will certainly not change it xD i checkd the bios of it on youtube and its pretty nice and "noob overclocker" friendly (perfect for me) and when i flash the bios it supports AM2/AM2+/AM3 under 125watt.. i dont need more =D

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