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q6600 oc questions

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Hey guys Im going to give overclocking my q6600(G0 stepping im pretty sure) a go . i have a few questions.

Would i have more luck if i got some better ram? even if i just change it out to 2x2gb.

Also generally ambient temps in my room reach high 20's to low 30's (deg Celcius), now my gear is currently in a thermaltake V9 and idle temps are like 46-48C. which i thought was pretty high. i just got a raven rv02 and some better fans to wack on my cpu cooler. going to do all this in the next few days. ill reseat my heatsink as wel so hopefully that gives me better idle temps. If my idle temps stay around the same am i going to have trouble reaching say 3ghz with my cpu. and what is an acceptable temperature range i should be aiming for?

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You should not have too much trouble reaching 3GHz. I managed it quite easily.

Running 4 sticks of Ram I had to loosen up the timings to get it to run at 1066 .


I approached it in a number of different ways,

first off pumping up the FSB and leaving everything else on auto. Got to 3.2GHz but not stable.

It would drop out of Prime Blend test at around 20 mins,


Dropping the multiplier and fsb got more stable but memory was not happy at design speeds.


Fixing the voltages at sensible values and dropping the Multiplier

was what worked in the end for me

FSB @ 430

FSB strap at 400

Ram loosened to 6-6-6-18


Voltages up 2 or 3 steps.


You will like the Raven, Nice case, Big and great air flow.

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