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Will SUNBEAM CORE CONTACT FREEZER 4 fit on a DFI m3h5 mobo?


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I need to get a aftermarker cooelr and I see that the SUNBEAM CORE CONTACT FREEZER 4 is quite good. Problem is that I don't know if it will fit on the DFI lanparty m3h5 mobo because of the big north bridge heatsink. So...anyone happen to know for sure if it would fit or not?...if not then I have 3 other choises to choose from:



OCZ GladiatorMAX

OCZ Vendetta

OCZ Vendetta2


Budget is 55$ +tax.


I have a amd phenom II 550 which I will overclock to 3.7 for starters and I need a cooler that will do the job. I think that the Sunbeam could handel the maximum overclock of the CPU, but i don't know if it fits. In any case i won't go for the 4.0Ghz on the CPU from the start. If ever...I'm not a hardcore overclocker so...ya. I'm not unlocking the 2 cores too...it seems like a waste of time since I won't be needing them at all...and anyway I don't want to waste too much time on the PC cuz I got to study aswell.


So basicaly the question is: will the SUNBEAM CORE CONTACT FREEZER 4 fit the m3h5 mobo, and if not which of the other 3 coolers will and which is a good choise.


Thanks alot.

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