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Need some help with case options.

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OK a picture is worth a thousand words so I'll start with those.


Oh the cluttered web we weave!


Yes that is radiator sticking out the side of my case and I am happy to see you.


:closedeyes: eh... not bad, but far from ideal.


There's my DVD and lovely dual bay resevoir. Unfortunately they have been shoved down in order to use the top bay for wire storage.


:wub: I love the front of this case! Too bad they don't make one in a full tower.


Now as you can see I have quite a mess on my hands after I finished water cooling my comp. What I need help with is figuring out what to do with this pile and whether I can find a better place for the rad or if I should just start over with a new case. I'd like to get the rad at least tucked away inside and try to figure out some better places for wiring to go. The biggest problem I have run into is that there is very little room in this case for much of anything, which is making me think its time to step up to a full tower. With that option I run into a roadblock of what will work best for me. Quite a predicament I know, but that is why I'm asking for help.


So far I haven't gotten very far in finding solutions. I could put the rad inside the top bay in front of my PSU, but then I have nowhere for the wires to go. I could make a bracket to mount it behind the side fans, yet that involves some machine time at work in addition to designing a piece. I am most at a loss over how to get these monster power cables to behave though I am not opposed to drilling a few more holes in the case. Oh and did I mention that my GPU is about an 1/8" away from the hard drive bay? That kinda makes the lower wiring crazy as well. I'm really attached to this case, but at the same time I see the need for more room.


On a final note here I'll stick a couple of cases I found that might fit the bill even if they have their own problems.

Gigabyte 3D Mars From the reviews I have seen it apparently lacks decent wire management.

Antec 1200 A tad extreme for me and I'm not a fan of the rear facing hdd rack.


I'd say if it came down to a new case I'm looking for something I can stick the rad inside and make the wires vanish while allowing my air cooled GPU to breath well. I'm limiting myself to $200US shipped and I prefer black. A side window isn't important (have access to a cnc mill :D ) though I am partial to mesh grill sides.


Anyway thanks in advance for any and all comments suggestions (barring those recommending high explosives or tall buildings).

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The Antec would probably be your best bet. The hd bays are all removable. This would allow you to install the rad. in the upper drive bays. And keep the video card cooler down below. put the optical drive below the rad. Then just mount the hd on the back wall with a self made bracket. And the reservoir you can mount that anywhere else you want.

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That sounds like it could work, but couldn't I just as easily put the rad inside behind the 2 120mm fan holes? And same thing for the Gigabyte. I wonder if anyone has done this yet or if there are space issues. Seems like every time I look for how people do setups all the google results are for modding stores. Is there any good sites I should look at for ideas on modding the case I have now or how I might want to set up a new case?

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