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Best cpu block


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Okay so I am going to water cool my cpu in October and I've done a lot of research on it and am wondering whether the Koolance 350 waterblock or Watercool Heatkiller LT would be a better block in a cpu only loop? also want to know if a xspc rx240 (think thermochill 240) would be enough to get great temps, or if I should opt for a 360?



Here is a link to what I plan to buy (though I have a cpu block on the link it is not what I plan to buy as I am asking y'all what you think is the best cpu block) note that I plan to stretch 3/8" hose over 1/2" barbs and that the clamps are there for the pump and I may or may not get a pump top later on, I was trying to keep my price around $200. also if you're wondering I plan to ziptie the 3/8" tubes on 1/2" barbs.


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