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creating High Definition Video


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I am planning on replacing much of my old Compaq pc so that I can produce video from my high def Sanyo Xacti camera but what should I buy.

The camera utilizes the advanced MPEG-4 AVC/H.246 video format "SANYO developed a new high-speed image processing engine to handle the high capacity demands of full HD data. This engine utilizes SANYO's proprietary codec, enabling full HD compatibility with the AVC/H.264 format, and makes it possible to do with one simple yet powerful chip the complex processing which previously required two separate chips. The required high compression ratio is achieved due to optimisation of the image process algorithm actuator, while consuming a mere 4.2 watts of power. "

In terms of connection it exceptionally easy to save video and image files by simply connecting the included USB cable*3 from the docking station to an external hard disk drive*4 (hard drive not included). After connecting the docking station to an external hard drive and to a television (via an HDMI cable).


What i am trying to work out is what mother board and processor I would need to handle all of this, and also if there is a way of importing and processing the hdmi signals or does it all get done via USB or am I better off with a high speed SD card reader and processing straight from the file.


i want to be able to output a disk either DVD or BlueRay, so that I have full HD quality video at the end of the editing.


I hope some of you can help advise me what I really need to do this, rather than what might work or I might aspire to; as i want to spend the right amount on making this work, but no more than is really needed.



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